An explanation

An explanation

Ultra-globalists have an oversimplistic juvenile approach to what they want to do but have an elaborate vicious plan on how to achieve it. They divide the word in contintents and then want to create Asian, American, African, European Union. Australia is a continent but it will go probably with Asia. We have a more flexible approach. We do use geographic factors but others as well. We do not have continental boundaries.

When ultra-globalists complete European, Asian, American, African Union they will put all these under a fascist World regime. They have a word in their minds constantly, ONE. They are obsessed with that. They want one government, one currency, one religion, one culture, one race, one color. 

They want to impose a massive stirring of cultures, ethnic groups, religions and races so that at the end they will eliminate them and only ONE of each will be left. By doing so they are creating a big mess around the world. Other extremists on the other side are against any stirring and find cultural, ethnic, religious, racial differences a reason to fight. This is black or white and we are in between.

We want to allow stirring happen without forcing it and by respecting cultural, ethnic, religious, racial identities and ties. We want cultures, religions, ethnic groups, races to have understanding, cooperation and coordination. Through this process some stirring unavoidably will happen but it will not be by force, it will not create a big mess in the world and it will not be aimed at eliminating all differences and creating ONE of each. Another huge difference with ultra-globalists is that we want to keep countries independent. Ultra-globalists will abolish nations in the end.

In the past, we had proposed (in that was replaced by this site), the division of EU into parts. One way would be in geographic terms. Another could be on how close relations the members of each circle or section want to have. In EU they did not do anything at all. They left things as they were. Now it is too late to fix this mess. A new start with one or more new economic blocs is necessary.

Making divisions or sections is much better from an organizational point of view. Why do companies have divisions, departments, sections? Because unlike ultra-globalist politicians and bureaucrats, they value organization.Whenever possible, we try to make regional divisions, not bounded by Continents.

Some divisions of the new economic bloc may be a) UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway b) Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean c) Turkey and countries eastwards d) Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. The first case is not a regional division because it is not suitable. The rest are regional but other factors (historical, cultural etch) were used as well. These are in EU perimeter. There was much talk about EU expanding to Turkey and Northern Africa. We put in the new economic bloc but treat them as separate divisions.

Forming regional divisions makes even more sense when we have very small economies. Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean division has a GDP equal to Australia's. We have included Hungary although it is questionable if they will be part of the division. Economic coordination and cooperation will help to treat them as a whole economy.

We want to have the same view from above as a coordinating body would do. We do not take anyone’s side and tried to make everybody happy. We gave the Crusaders the Union they wanted since the Crusades. They can be consumed with the big mess they created as long as they do not want to spread their disaster. Byzantines can have “their thing” in the form of a division of the new economic bloc.

We let the Crusaders play Union, in Western Europe park only. We think it is unlikely that they will fix the great mess they created but we let them try. If the Crusaders do not consent there is another alternative, complete dismantle of EU. In many European countries there are strong resistance movements against ultra-globalization. These will have to unite against ultra-globalists because as we have many times emphasized, ultra-globalists are not only a paneuropean but a global vicious cabal.

It may be dangerous to leave an ultraglobalists nucleus alive in Western Europe. It would be like leaving Western Europe under Nazi control after World War II. Ultra-globalists have to be on a constant watch because they never give up. Right after they were defeated in World War II, they started conspiring again for European and World Unification. 

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