EU partition points 2

Spain is in between Lithuania and Estonia in terms of income. Spain and Portugal have interest to and relations with South and Central America that can’t be fully developed in today’s EU. UK and Ireland have good relations with North America. A large percentage of USA’s population are Hispanics (18%) that come from Central and South America. In Southern USA there is a significant influence from Spanish culture. USA has also ties with Italy, Poland...

EU partition points

We mentioned that EU is the first step of an evil plan and can’t continue as anticipated by ultraglobalists. EU (and Europe) will have to be either partitioned or dissolved The partition of EU and Europe can be done in several ways. First, the number of parts could be two, three, four or more with a trichotomy (three parts) having more chances. Let’ examine into more detail how a partitioning may occur.

Terms of compromise

In order to start even discussing a compromise with ultraglogalists, opponents must have in mind what they want. Before they start talking with ultraglobalists, anti-NWO forces must do some thinking and some talking among them. The first term of a compromise should be an alternative globalization, other than what NWO plan anticipates. A few different scenarios must be ready. A trichotomy of Europe is not necessary ...

Multi-exits or partition

A compromise could be reached between NWO and anti-NWO forces. They could agree in an alternative nice and easy mild globalization. We have mentioned that Brexit was a historic anti-NWO event and other countries should follow. Instead of having multiple exits take place, a trichotomy is a much faster and easier solution. Europe could partition in two, three or more parts. A trichotomy ...

Compromise or extinction

Defeating ultraglobalists is a SURE THING, provided that the right approach is followed and no mistakes are made. The proof of that is quite simple. If in an issue 99% want one outcome and 1% wants another, who do you think is going to win in the end? It is obvious that the outcome which is supported by 99% will happen. When people in the world realize what is the final destination in the NWO plan, they will be ...

Defensive groups

We need to understand that NWO is continuation of World War II. Socialist centers of power tried to use Axis’s military might in order to establish a European and Global Socialist Dictatorship. Nazism like Fascism are in the Socialist umbrella of ideologies. Many later self-identifying social-democrats, like France’s Mitterrand, were Nazi supporters. Perhaps socialist centers of power had tried the same again in ...

Anti-NWO keiretus

Ultraglobalists operate several business keiretsus that assist them in their goals. Keiretsus are a type of business organization common in Japan. A keiretsu is a group of related companies that share the same ownership. Keiretsus can be vertical or horizontal. In the vertical diversification, the company moves along the production or distribution sequence.

John Wayne attitude

A cowboy goes into a saloon, gets into some kind of conflict, draws his gun and shoots everybody in the saloon, leaving no one standing. It is a scene that we have seen several times in movies. We still see it in movies other than western. The most famous cowboy was John Wayne. The idea is that one goes against everybody else and wins. We do not know how often this happened in reality back in the Wild West.

Anti-NWO system

A brief history of NOW is useful for informational reasons and it helps us understand it better. We need to focus on the present, where we stand right now. International matters and things generally evolve. Former allies become enemies and vice versa. Some of the visitors that read the material on this website may get excited. They probably think that they had just found a way to advance professionally and make lots of money.

Use their system

We mentioned that we have nothing against socialism, unusual religious beliefs, unusual sexual practices. What we mean is that we are OK if they play by the rules. We are OK, if socialists form socialist parties that define themselves as socialist and not something else. We are not saying that there should not be any socialists, any people with unusual religious beliefs or unusual sexual practices.

History of NWO 2

After giving a very brief history of NWO, we will make some clarifications and give so more information. The Essenes were a Jewish sect, not Christians. Nevertheless, their teachings are considered by some opinions closer to Christians compared to the other Jewish sects. Some archeologists believe that they inhabited the Qumran area and attribute to them the Dead Sea Scrolls.

History of NWO

As we promised we will cover briefly the history of NWO. During the Crusades, things were very strict Europe regarding religious matters. No books were allowed other than Christian books and other religions or heresies were at times persecuted. The Crusades was a Christian effort. The word means “the way to the Cross” and Crusaders were wearing the Cross on their clothes. What many people do not know is that although a ...


New World Order plan is very old. It has origins in the beginnings of European Socialism in 18th century and actually certain elements come from the Crusades that took place in a period of two centruries between 1095 and 1291 AD. We will devote a couple of articles in a brief summary from the Crusades to Hitler. Although it may have started in the Crusades, it has intensified during and after 18th century. Perhaps Napoleonian wars were part of this plan.

Right socialism

Socialist ultraglobalists create hybrid socialist ideologies and parties in order to expand their reach. The Nazis were admitting that they were hybrid socialists. They had it in their name “Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party”. The world Nazi is derived from the first two letters in their name. They considered their ideology syncretic (hybrid). Italian fascists considered that their ideology belonged in the center.

A trip to Hell

Suppose some people you know come by your house and tell you “let’s go for a ride”. You ask where they are going and they say “just drive around”. Let’s say that you have nothing to do and go with them. If at any point of this ride you look the surroundings, you can see where you are but still you do not know where you are going. Assume that you insist on them telling you the destination. They tell you “to the park” but that is not ...

Confine and control ultraglobalists

Ultraglobalists are very organized and have many capable but evil scientists. Science can be used in favor but also against mankind. They have psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists, lawyers etc. Anti-NOW forces must know how ultraglobalists operate, what their plan is, how they are going to apply it, the different phases, their goals etc, in order to be able to defeat them.

Coordination through intermediaries

Globally, anti-NWO side is larger and stronger than NWO. Ultraglobalists are basically a tiny but powerful pseudo-elite who has managed to control the media in many countries and through that to deceive the least perceptive citizens. Anti-NWO side has a major shortcoming though that needs to be dealt with and there are ways to fix it. NWO side is cohesive while anti-NOW is not. This is in terms of ideological position but countries as well. 

Wake up call

Regarding USA 2022 midterm elections, this is what we have to say to some (not all) Republican antiultraglobalists; “Wake up people”. If you are or fight against NWO, you don’t fight against those who fight against NWO. This is not strategic thinking but common sense. Anti-NWO Republicans need to be informed regarding the whole NWO plan and who is for and who is against it around the World. As mentioned again, DEFEATING NWO IS A SURE THING... 


Winning strategy

As we have explained, we call NWO ultraglobalization to differentiate it from a nice and easy mild globalization. Republican anti-NWO keep talking about their great nation and expressing their views. Some of them have not realized that if ultraglobalists win this, there won’t be their great nation anymore and as a matter of fact there won’t be any nation at all. Instead there will be American, Asian, African ...


Multidimensional strategy

Ultraglobalists' opponents around the world are also on the left, although generally opposition to ultraglobalists is stronger on the right. In US, it is more a left vs right think but Bernie Sanders was critical of ultraglobalization and some Republican politicians are supporters. In Europe many center-right parties support EU and ultraglobalization while other are against it. In France, not only Le Pen (right) but also Melenchon (left) oppose ultraglobalization.


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