A push approach

This is what will happen if an “open borders” policy is implemented. The policy can be official or unofficial which means that although not official in practical terms it will approximately be the same situation. Residents from less developed countries will flood developed countries. Locals will lose their jobs and salaries will fall considerably. A few will benefit from this decline in wage level. The movement will only stop when the difference in the standard of living between the countries of origin and the countries of destination is so small that the migration is not worth it.

There is only one solution to this big mess. Poorer nations should not advance at the expense of other nations like ultra-globalists propose. Advanced nations should help less advanced increase their standard of living without decreasing theirs. Instead of a pull approach a push should be applied. This way people should not have to leave their countries and that is exactly what they want. Nobody wants to abandon his/her homeland unless they have to. Instead of having mostly movement from poorer to richer countries, it should be the other way around.

Businessmen, executives, economists, scientists from advanced countries should assist less advanced countries to move ahead. The ones that are more sensitive and sympathetic to immigrants should be the first to go to poorer countries and help them advance. Immigrants that have lived in an advanced country for many years, know the systems and ways that have made these countries advanced. They should be persuaded and motivated to go back to their homeland and transfer that knowledge. Also an migration system should be set that will allow citizens from poorer nations to live legally for a few years in an advanced country and then go back to their homeland and transfer the knowledge.

The new economic block that we propose will assist in that direction. There will be coordination and cooperation between the countries within the block. We emphasize that this will not be anything like EU (Evil Union). There will not be a stringent, rigid, ineffective, problematic bureaucracy. It will be a Coalition of Independent Nations for Economic Advancement. We stress the word Independent. EU is the ultra-globalists' pet project. Then they will make American, African and Asian Union. 

The new economic block should be the pet project of those who want an alternative globalization. Countries keep their cultural and national identity. They control their laws, borders and economy. At the same time they cooperate and coordinate for something that is in everybody’s interest, economic advancement. Through this process there will be not only transfer of technological and scientific expertise but there will also be significan cultural exchanges. A better understanding will be achieved and even some interracial marriages that ultra-globalists so much worship. This is much better than European, Asian, American and African Union that ultra-globalists are preparing first before the final World fascist regime.

We can divide countries in three tiers according to technological and economic advancement. Before third tier countries become first tier, they should become second tier. Technical and scientific expertise will be transferred in two stages, from first tier to second tier and from second tier to third tier. Having a two stage process and three tiers makes things simple. It would be extremely cumbersome for first tier countries to have to deal with very many countries and it will create a big mess in the end.

Let’s take an example that will make this clear. First tier is US, UK, Canada, Australia. Second tier could be Greece, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa. In the new block we propose divisions. One division may be Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. In that case third tier would be North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Lebanon. 

Off course the above is only one of many suggestions. It does not have to be this way. There are several other ways it can work. The important thing is to have a new economic block of Independent nations that will somehow cooperate and coordinate for economic advancement.

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