Historical and other information

We discussed in previous articles that a New Yalta Agreement should be made and we gave an example of a new economic bloc. Some historical or even present day details may shed more light on our thinking.

Europe is Christian with the exception of 2-3 small Balkan countries. Eastern Europe is mostly Orthodox. Southwestern Europe is Latin and Catholic. Northwestern Europe is Protestant. From Turkey eastwards we have Islam as main religion. In that region of the World, Muslims are from Arab, Turkic and Iranian descent.

Arabs are in Northern Africa and Southwestern Asia. Kurds are related to Iranians. Afgans are of Turkic and Iranian descent. Turkic people are Azerbaijanis, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Kyrgyz and Uyghur. They are mostly Muslim. Most of them are members of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). These are the allies left to Russians who are Slavs and Christian Orthodox. 

Turkic people came from Southern Mongolia. Today’s Turkey was part of Byzantine Empire. Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean were in Byzantine Empire and were neutral in the Crusades. In some Crusades they were with the Crusaders and in some others against them. Ottoman Turks invaded Byzantine Empire, conquered almost all and transformed it to Ottoman Empire. One by one countries were gaining their Independence and Ottoman Empire became todays Turkey.

In Eastern Europe live mostly Slavs. They were christened by the Byzantines. The Cyrillic alphabet of many Slavic languages is based on the Greek alphabet. It is named after Saint Cyril, a Byzantine missionary. He developed the alphabet with the assistance of his brother Saint Methodius. Their father was military commander of Thessaloniki, the second most important city in Byzantine empire, after the capital Constantinople. Their mother was Slav.

Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last emperor of Byzantine before the fall of Constantinople, is legendary. His mother was Slav. Greece is not an ex-communist country but because of its geographic location, cultural, religious and historical ties it should go together with Balkan or Eastern European ex-communist countries. 

During the communist era, Russia had allies in all Eastern bloc. Russia is a vast country that starts in Eastern Europe and ends in Eastern Asia. It can be a bridge between Europe and Far East. It has many ethnic groups. Ethnic Russians are Slavs, as are almost all Eastern Europeans with the exception of Greeks and some other countries. Most Slavs are Greek Orthodox and have cultural ties with Byzantium.

West’s rivalry with Russia originates from Cold War because they were communists. This is not the case anymore. Many people in US see Russia as a threat because of its military might. Ultra-globalists are a much bigger threat. If they have it their way, there will not be US anymore but American Union. After a new Yalta agreement, Russia will not be a threat anymore. American ultra-globalists are with EU because they have the same vision. They want to form European, American, Asian, African Unions under a World Fascist Regime.

Cyprus can only go in the same division with Greece because Cypriots are Greeks. There is also a Turkish part on the island since the invasion of 1974. Cyprus is right next to Lebanon and Israel which are in Asia, not in Europe. They were part of Byzantine Empire and then under Ottoman yoke. Before the war, Lebanon was the most European country in Middle East and Beirut was called "Paris of the Middle East". Almost half of Lebanese population is Christian. Lebanese diaspora is all over the world. They are rich, educated and influential. They are estimated between 4 and 8 million while those living in Lebanon are only 4 million. The diaspora is mostly Christian with a considerable Jewish portion. They have contacts with Greek and Jewish diaspora. Greek and Jewish diaspora have also contacts among them. 

In Israel Judaism is the main religion. It is surrounded by Arab Muslims that are mostly hostile. Ancient Israelis and Arabs are racially related. Israelis descent from Isaac and Arabs from his half brother Ismael. Hebrew and Arabic are Semitic languages. Israelis have been mixed a lot with other ethnic groups because they migrated to other countries. The vast majority of Jewes lived in Eastern Europe. As we have said Eastern Europeans are Slavs. Contemporary Israelis have cultural influences from Europe and especially Eastern Europe. Therefore we put Israel with the Europeans that are geographically closer, Southeastern Europeans.

Hungary geographically is in the Balkans but historically was not part of the Balkans. It was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. They have some problems with EU policies that could be solved once they gain their independence. They are an ex-communist country though. They could go with the Crusaders, the Byzantines or Northeastern division, if it is formed. Italy has more problems with EU policies. It was though one of the founding nations of EU. The Treaty was signed in Rome, in 1957. Italians were on the the Axis side in World War II. They were very active in some Crusades. Therefore they will probably go with the Crusaders. 

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