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They show the wrong way from above - EU's big supporters 

Maximilien de Sully was a selfish, obstinate, and rude person who was extremely jealous of all other ministers and favorites. He amassed a large personal fortune and his efforts were crucial in building a strong centralized administrative system in France using coercion. Napoleon was a warmonger like Hitler. Hitler was a national socialist, Kozev a stalinist and Mitterrand a fascist turned socialist.  

EU is a rigid, parasitic, undemocratic, inefficient bureaucracy

It is a superstate above states so it is statism squared, a bureaucrat's paradise. It is a major obstacle in the advancement of most European nations. Eurostan (countries under EU yoke) is a backwards, decadent area, lagging decades behind USA, UK, Canada, Australia. At some point in the future, Eurostan will lag behind Afganistan. USSR did not last 70 years (1922-1991). Eurostan has entered a decline phase long time ago. Time ends (70 years) in 2021 (Treaty of Paris) or 2027 (Treaty of Rome). This EU will not survive. USNWE (United States of North Western Europe) has medium probability (50-50) to be a successful, PIGS and ex-coummunists excluded. USE (United States of Europe) has low probability to be successful.  

EU will be followed by similar African, American and Asian Unions and these will be put under a World fascist Government. We have similar conditions like World War II. Only Great Britain is free and allied with USA.

A new Normandy landing is required by economic means, perhaps on the other end of the continent

 US & UK proved to be superior nations. Superior nations are leaders, show the way. Globalization extremists told them; "There is something wrong with you." The demeaning characterization used by ultra-globalists, "those left behind", implies that there is something wrong with those that are victimized by catastrophic globalization policies. They are weak or incompetent to follow. US & UK voters answered to globalization extremists;"There is nothing wrong with us. There is something very wrong with you people." Apparently the majority of voters in US & UK felt that they were among the losers of this globalization. 

If European people want a Union, something doubtfull, they deserve a much better one and perhaps more than one. There are two possibilities. Either European people want or do not want a Union. If they want, they deserve a better one and more than one would be even better. In 70 years of EU they manage to create this abnormity, this monstrosity. It should be destroyed and reborn from its ashes like the mythical bird Phoenix. If European people do not want a Union, it should be destroyed as well.

In both cases EU should be destroyed. Burn down European Union

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