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A Tetrarchy is necessary initiated by leading nations USA and UK. 

USA, China and EU have formed a Triarchy, controlling more than 55% of World's output. A table with three legs is unstable.We are not talking about anything like EU but a group of independent countries with economic relations.

A 4th economic block should use EU as an example to avoid.


Inferior nations are followers. Examples of inferior nations are PIGS* (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain).

Great Britain was the World's largest Empire and is out of EU. Spanish was the fourth largest Empire. Second Portuguese, Macedonian and Roman were among the largest. Because of their large empires and the fact that were and still are maritime nations, they have a cosmopolitan mentality. 

PIGS were dominated by French and Germans through EU. French and German do not have a cosmopolitan mentality but are narrow minded because they were never empires and maritime nations. They try to impose their narrow mindness on PIGS and Great Britain that have cosmopolitan mentality. Those ultra-globalists are totally insane! 

PIGS had and still have very serious economic problems because of their participation in EU but remain in EU. Those who support EU participation in PIGS are stupid, ignorant, psychopaths or traitors. We have a question for PIGS's citizens. 

How can you look in the mirror and not spit on your image?

You are a disgrace to your country, your history and your ancestors. You do not spit on your image but the rest of the World spits on you as long as you remain in EU. Your politicians have turned you into beggars, begging for a eurobond because EU and Eurozone have damaged your economies.

A country in eternal decline

Greece is the most inferior of the four PIGS (third from left). It has the biggest economic problems, it went bankrupt and has the highest debt in the World. Still many people have a positive opinion of EU. It does not get more inferior than that. The world spits on them twice. They have hit rock bottom in terms of inferiority. Greece is the cradle of Western civilization. The only great thing about today's Greece is great sadness from the comparison to the past. The answer to the question "what is wrong with Greece?" is "everything". It is a great example to avoid.   

Inferior PIGS should follow superior UK and USA

4th Bloc million $
United Kingdom 2.829.163
Italy 2.025.866
Canada 1.739.110
Spain 1.429.140
Australia 1.417.003
Ireland 381.571
Portugal 239.473
New Zealand 210.475
Malta 15.134
Eastern Med million $
Israel 381.569
Romania 244.158
Greece 219.097
Ex-Yugoslavian 215.369
Bulgaria 67.044
Lebanon 58.281
Cyprus 24.638
Albania 15.960
Moldova 12.037

Ex-Yugoslavian; Croatia Slovenia Serbia Bosnia North Macedonia Kosovo Montenegro

NorthEastern Europe million $
 Poland 593.295
 Czech Republic 246.161
 Hungary 168.778
 Slovakia 109.863
 Lithuania 54.240
 Latvia 35.721
 Estonia 31.026
NWEU million $
Germany 3.963.880
France 2.761.633
Netherlands 914.003
Sweden 547.123
Belgium 531.813
Austria 457.637
Norway 427.041
Denmark 349.524
Finland 276.572
Luxembourg 69.634
Iceland 24.544


Above is an example on how a Tetrarchy could be formed. Second column shows GDP in million dollars. First group could be the basis of 4th bloc. Eastern Med could be added. NorthEastern Europe could go with a) them B b) NWEU c) Russia. Russia could go with any combination.

We feel sympathetic with the  situation in Italy and Spain which is suspicious but this does not change the fact. Couldn't we wait for the virus crisis to end? No because it is certain that the pandemic will cause economic crisis in all countries. Drastic measures will be necessary in those that already have economic problems due to other reasons. An effective drastic measure could be

exit from EU and simultaneous participation in the new economic bloc.

Of course, the possibilities are endless. Some more alternatives are presented in the links above.

* Inferiority status does not apply to all citizens but those who want to be EU members. It is a temporary status and could change once they leave EU.

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