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Be extremely cautious!

Those who hurt you are not your friends but your enemies even if you agree with them on many issues.

The word ultra-globalist is not written on their foreheads. They do not introduce theirselves as ultra-globalists. You would have to conclude it from their views and their solidarity. These people below are probably (but not certainly) among ultra-globalists. 

Ultraglobalists may be extremely dangerous for your well being. They have caused an awful lot of damage in the lives of many descent, hardworking, nice folks. They are very cunning and can convince you that you actually benefit. They can very easily sell refrigarators to eskimos and dehumidifiers to Beduins.

Devil sometimes approaches you with a smile. Devil can be good looking as Macron and Trudeau. Devil can be bland and soft - spoken like Biden.

These are the frontmen/women of ultra-globalization. Lately the have not only frontmen/women but frontkids as well (Greta Thunberg). There are others behind them. They are an extremely small percentage compared to the rest of us. They are also extremely well organized and coordinated, systematic and thus they were until recently winning.

They operate as a global vicious cabal that contstantly conspires to achieve it's goals.

Ultra-globalists is a coalition of a) very smart evil people that know very well what they are doing b) people with distorted vision because of foolisness, thoughtlessness, ignorance, fanatism or theoritical view. 

We want to expose the error and the evil in their ways.

We want to convince the well intented and prudent among them along with the rest of the world  that a nice & easy alternative globalization that will replace current catastrophic is necessary. Globalization can be good or bad. Current globalization is very - very bad. 

If they renounce ultra-globalization and EU they will be redeemed. 

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