Global vicious cabal

Vicious Global Cabal

Elections are won with economic and media power so ultra-globalists strive for both. They are financed from organized crime (drug trafficking, prostitution, smaggling, loan sharking etch) and illegal activities in exchange for political protection. They invest in businesses, financial services, invesment opportunities and criminal activities all around the world.

Ultra-globalists move around the globe vasts amounts of money. When there is an election in one country, they bring in money from all around the world to support their candidates. Often they play both sides. Sometimes this is money stolen from countries or laundered from illegal activities. The smaller a country, the easier it is to them to elect their candidates. Some ultra-globalists come close to or even cross the line of high treason. 

They work with frontmen/women in politics, business and crime. They find politicians, businesspersons, or criminals and support them financially and in other ways. The whole vicious cabal stands behind that person but naïve voters, citizens and consumers do not know that. They rarely hurt or kill people. It is not their style. They will do it though as a last resort. They prefer buy off, blackmail, threat.

Most people may admire certain successful politicians and businesspeople. Some people may even respect successful criminals. In reality their success was not based on their effort and their abilities but due to the global cabal that supports them. Markets are not free at all, competition is not fair. The system is rigged, the game is fixed.

There is solidarity between various sectors. Businesses support financially politicians and parties and vice versa. Governments favor those businesses. Some businesses are involved in illegal as well legal activities. It is a cycle, vicious for the rest of us but virtuous for them, a chain of events that reinforce each other.

Money buys media power. They are using a lot propaganda. Although they may have some ideological differences with Adolf Hitler, they are admirers of his methods. Money and media power win elections. Winning elections brings more money with various illegal and unethical ways. When they size power, they bring in more money, not for long term investment but for short term exploitative profit making. Having insider information makes huge profits in financial markets. More money buys more media power and wins more elections.

When their own win elections, they put the whole state mechanism at the service of their goals. They also hire their own in important state positions like secret services, police, judiciary system. These state officials are supposed to serve their country but instead serve the goals of the cabal. They advance and promote their own in all fields and sectors such as academics, media, show business, certain business sectors, government etch. They give Nobel Prizes to the views that facilitate their goals. 

In the cabal participate at least: 1) part of global media sector 2) part of global financial sector 3) certain multinational corporations 4) part of international organized crime 5) part of global Judaism 6) part of UGO1 (Undisclosed Global Organization 1). We want to emphasize the word PART. It may be a small part.

Many participants do not know the full extent of activities and may believe that it is for a good cause. These are useful idiots as Lenin may have said. UGO1 is a global organization. Current and ex members have revealed to us important information. We promised not to disclose the name. They are disgusted after they realized the full extent of the activities. They belong to the prudent and wise that believe a nice and easy alternative is necessary to this catastrophic globalization.  

What we mention above is our conclusions based on information gathering and processing, observation, surveillance, infiltration. Site’s visitors should not regard these as the undisputable truth but take them into account when they draw their own conclusions. We do not believe that we reached absolute Truth but we certainly hope that we have come close to it.