Hijack globalization, lead it to a new direction and leave all ultraglobalists behind.

If you do not have a winning position, move to the closer winning position. An extreme position is rarely a winning position. Usually moderate positions are winning positions.

It is very important to have the people on your side. Many people find some elements of globalization appealing.

A return to the old system may not be a winning position. A nicer and easier globalization could be.

Take advantage of the disagreements that exist in all coalitions. Try to get on your side the ones that are closer to you.

Their global structure is based more on benefit and less on ideology. Give them more benefits and take them on your side.

Make an opposing anti-system to the system they have established. Make more use of Internet and less of traditional media. 

If a major Internet player does not play fair and take their side, make another company that will perform the same functions. Things change rapidly in Internet.

You do not have to make it from scratch. Use one that is ready, a rival. Competition is fierce in Internet and they are all looking for a chance to increase their market share.  

Learn your opponent better than yourself. Find as much information about them as you can.

Do what they do and do it better.

If you get a punch and fall down, get up and throw three punches.

Their rules are that there are no rules. Do the same.

No head of state, no government, no country can beat a vicious global cabal. Only a rival global cabal can do it.

Not only a winning position is neccessary but a winning coalition as well. 

List actions from mild to extremes. Start with mild ones but omit those that most likely will have no result.


Use intelligence and infiltration. Use deception and misinformation. Try to make them confused and lost.

You know that they spread covid-19 but it is hard to prove it. When it is their turn in power, spread at least three viruses.

When they are in power, give them hard time in every possible way until you bring them down to their knees. 

You know what they do but it is hard to prove it. Then shoot them. Find a clean shot and have a sniper shoot them.

It may be hard and not wise to shoot front line politicians. Backstage operators may be better choices. 

Of course, this is an extreme action. What about covid-19? Was not that an extreme action?

You do not have to shoot all of them. A couple will do. They will get the message. If not, keep shooting them until they get the message.

Blame it on an unrelated organization or make up one that does not exist. Stage it in a way that it will be believable.

If possible, make it look like an accident but that ain’t easy.

The ones in black are some extreme ideas from "Nice Globalization" supporters. We can not suggest them but we can mention them and leave them to people's judgement.

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