Legal migration

Legal migration

As we said there are two seperate issues in immigration, filling job vacancies and assisting fellow human beings. First, we want to make a distinction between immigrants and refugees because the second require special handling. There is a simple solution to filling job vacancies but it doesn’t fit with over-globalists vision. That is why they try to create confusion. The solution is legal immigration. Governments decide how many, with what skills and from which countries they will bring in. When legal immigrants reside enough time in a country, they should get permanent residency. How much this time is depends. It could be from 5 to 20 years.

Countries should first know the vacancies. With the advancement of the technology this is easy. The vacancies will determine the skills required. Then they will choose from which places of the world legal immigrants would come. They may choose them to be from all over the world, from nearby countries or a combination.

Immigrants from nearby countries keep close ties with their homeland. They visit very often their country once they obtain some documents. Sometimes they go several times in a year. In the case of an economic downturn, it is easier for them to leave and come back later when the economy improves.The ones from faraway places visit their homeland rarely because it is too far and too expensive. During a downturn it is difficult for them to leave and come back later.

Having immigrants from all over the world gives more diversity and is a lot more interesting. A combination of both would be having immigrants from all over the world with a higher percentage from nearby countries. If the country is in an economic block with preferential economic relations it may choose to bring immigrants from other countries in the same block.  

Our opinion is that immigrants should cover only job vacancies. Governments do not have to follow that. Political parties can bring in legally as many immigrants as they want when they are in power. The number is up to them. They should be honest about it and take the political cost.

Has no ultra-globalist ever thought of this simple solution? Ultra-globalists are thousands, could even be millions. It is impossible that no one has ever thought about it and we are the only ones that have. There are a few explanations that reinforce what we have claimed about them. Perhaps more than one of the explanations are valid.

Their goal is to have open borders. Until they succeed to make it official, they will have open borders unofficially. May be they hope that migrants dying will put pressure on public opinion to open borders. People die in truck refrigerators and children drown at the Aegean shores because of illegal immigration. If illegal immigration stops, people will stop dying. If migrants know that they have absolutely no chance to make home illegally a foreign land, illegal immigration will stop. There are ways to achieve that.

Open borders is out of the question for several decades. Opening the borders will create an influx of 6,5 billion in advanced countries. It will be only possible once income differences between countries are not that big. No one will leave his homeland to be a little better off in a foreign land. They will do it only to be much better off. We are not saying that we are for or against open borders but we claim that opening borders will not cause much trouble, once income differences are not that big among countries. We are definitely against open borders with current global circumstances.

The explanation that they want to avoid political cost is not very strong for the left ultra-globalists. It is strong for the right ultra-globalists. A center-right government would suffer a big political cost if they brought in many more immigrants than needed.

Another explanation is that their organized crime branch is involved into migrant trafficking and are making huge profits from that. Perhaps all are valid. Until they officially open borders, they have them unofficially open which means that they not only allow but also help the illegal migration and at the same time make huge profits from that. Deaths of immigrants that get huge coverage through the media they control is a way of swinging public opinion towards opening borders. If legal immigration is applied than borders will never open.