Taking voters for fools

Taking voters for fools

Things are really simple but it is not advantageous to ultra-globalists to make things simple. So, they try to create confusion and make people disoriented. We will explain some simple first semester economics but readers that do not understand should not worry. All it matters is the conclusion which will be very clear. 

The economy consists of many markets and submarkets. One market is the labor market. When there are open vacancies in an economy, we have a workers’ market which means that the workers have the advantage. There is overdemand for workers. When we say workers we mean people that are employed. This is the same as a sellers’ market. In the labor market the seller is the worker. If there are more workers than jobs we have an employers’ market and the employers have the advantage. This is similar to a buyers’ market.

Through an economic mechanism, the economy will stabilize in a position where there is no overdemand or oversupply but an equilibrium. In the first case of workers’ market, the salaries will go up and the economy will stabilize at a lower point. in the second case of employers’ market, the salaries will go down and the economy will stabilize at a higher point. The impact of immigration has to do with whether we have a workers’ market, an employers’ market or an equilibrium.

If we have an employers’ market, bringing in new workers will make things even worse for domestic workers. In the case of equilibrium, it will create an oversupply of workers and an employers’ market. In both cases immigrants will take the jobs from locals since they get paid less. The only case which can be argued that it is beneficial for the economy as a whole, is in workers’ market where there are job vacancies.

From the employer’s perspective, it could be beneficial to bring in workers at any of the three situations. From the domestic worker’s perspective, it could be beneficial at any of these three situations to deport working immigrants. More workers bring salaries down and less workers bring salaries up. If all these are confusing to some people we will make it as simple as possible. Immigrants can be beneficial from an economic point of view, only when there are job vacancies. Their number and skills should match the job vacancies. There is a bogus argument that immigrants will create jobs. They will create jobs after some time and it will be only a fraction of the jobs that they have taken.

Centerleft and left ultra-globalists have a schizophrenic perception on this matter. They are supposed to stand for domestic low income workers. Most immigrants fill low level jobs. By supporting open borders and illegal immigrants they are doing an awful lot of damage to their traditional voters. That is one of the reasons many Democrats voted for Trump.

Left ultra-globalists do it for votes and right ultra-globalists do it for salary drop. This is how they find common ground. They both fool local voters. After all the majority of voters are employees not employers. Even executives are employees who side with owners.

Ultra-globalists will try every trick in the book on you. Not only that. They will even try tricks that are not in any book. You can’t trust them. We have a different, simpler and honest approach. If we do not have a winning position, we move to the closer winning position. We do not have obsessive beliefs to an almost psychotic level that we try to impose on people.

There are two simple questions and the answer to these determines the position on people movement and immigration.

1) Is it right that a person can come from anywhere in the world and take the job from a citizen of a country?

We believe that this is not right and should be somehow prevented.

2) Is it right if there are vacant job positions to be filled by citizens from other countries that will migrate legally.

We believe that this is right.

We should have a humanist approach. Immigrants are people but so are locals who lose their jobs and their life gets disrupted. There are two issues around immigration and these should be dealt separately. One is filling job vacancies and the other is assisting fellow human beings in poor countries.