To US Jewish Blacks and Hispanics

To US Jewish Blacks and Hispanics

Ultraglobalization aims to extinguish you. It will extinguish not only you but all races, religions, countries and cultures. There will be only one race, one religion, one government, one culture.

Some very rich Jewish in US and Europe support ultraglobalization. Do not trust them! Do not let them fool you. You are all Jewish but you are not the same. You are not together and you never were. Search carefully Hitler's begining. Some rich Jewish supported Hitler in his early steps. Were they planning the Holocaust? Most likely not but they were extremely reckless. Your ancestors ended up in concentration camps while they got away. You (Jewish Americans) should be etremely cautious. 

They will rule the world with other ultraglobalists, not you. You will see a drop of 80% in your income while theirs will skyrocket. This is what ultraglobalization does. It equalizes incomes among countries and at the same time a very small percentage in every country becomes filthy rich and accumulates all wealth.

Ultraglobalization groups Israel in Asian Union which will be dominated by China. After a few decades, second official language will be Chinese and most people in Israel will be Chinese. Jerusalem will be renamed Jen-uz-len and two huge temples will be build in Temple Mount, a Buddist and a Taoist. Ultraglobalists believe this is wonderful. Do you agree? Alternative globalization groups Israel together with Eastern European countries and attempts to preserve Eastern Med culture. English will be second official language in the region. Eastern Med is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it will be safe. You will be able to invest, work, live there or visit very often.

Ultraglobalization seeks to force Africans away from their land, just as slavery did a few centuries ago. This time they won’t be slaves but they will work like slaves in the economically advanced nations where they will migrate. Alternative globalization wants to help Africa advance economically and put African Americans in the front line of this effort. Africans relate better with African Americans than Scandinavian Americans. May be it should not be like this but it is undoubtedly a fact. You (African Americans) will be able to invest, work, live in Africa, if you choose to do so. You will be able to visit very often. It will be a safe place with descent living standards where you will be highly respected and admired.

The same things are true for Hispanics, there is no need to repeat them. One thing applies especially for them because most new immigrants are Hispanics. New immigrants bring down workers' salaries. Most Hispanics that are citizens and vote are low income people. Those are the ones that are hurt more by new immigrants coming in. Additionally, this does not solve the problem of poor nations. There are 1 billion people in economically advanced countries and 6,5 billion in less advanced countries. They can’t all fit in advanced countries.

Alternative globalization is indifferent for interracial and interreligious marriages. They should be done by choice and not coercion. Some mingling will be done naturally. Ultraglobalization wants to force interacial and interreligious marriages and stirring. Alternative globalization supports interracial, interreligious and intercultural dialogue. Ultraglobalization wants to extinguish all countries, races, religions, cultures. They want one World government, one religion, one race, one culture, one colour. So boring! Not interesting at all!

USA and China are the two superpowers. USA is rich and advanced country which is not true for China. China is superpower because of its population which is four times that of USA. The winners of ultraglobalization are China and Germany. China is a US rival. Ideally relations between the two countries should be good but nevertheless they will always remain rivals.

China and Germany have benefited a lot at the expense of USA and other countries. US ultraglobalists do not care about that because they have benefited a lot. They do not see themselves as Americans but as people of the World who happen to reside in US. They care about their benefit and not USA’s benefit.

Be very careful who you vote for in these elections. It seems that Biden supports ultraglobalization. Trump may be persuaded to support alternative globalization. If it is absolutely impossible to vote for Trump, do not vote at all. We do not have anything personal against Biden. We are totally against ultraglobalization. This is the most important issue.

The results will not become evident for a few decades. It is important which path mankind will take, the path of ultraglobalization or the path of alternative globalization? USA carries a lot of weight in the choice. Your vote may determine that. Your vote will not only affect your lives and the lives of your children and grandchildren but the whole world. You are people, not sheep. Sheep have herd mentality. People have free will and critical ability.