We are the good guys

We are the good guys

It seems like ultra-globalists have a very elaborate plan (Global vicious cabal, What Ultraglobalists want). Well, it did not “come out of the blue” recently. They may be working on it for centuries. It is possible that they have been working on it since the French Revolution or even the Crusades. Some researchers believe that fascists were the evolution of the Jacobins.

The Jacobin Club was the most influential group in French Revolution. They were named Jacobins because they met at a Jacobin monastery. The Dominican Order was given the name Jacobins in France. Members were friars, nuns, active sisters and seculars. They were involved in mysticism.

As we have said, some people may find some elements of ultra-globalists vision appealing. You do not get to choose with them. They will impose their vision on mankind. They will do what ever it takes. You can choose with us.

Do you want one government, one currency, one religion, one race, one color, one culture? If that is what you want, you can have it. We really doubt that people in the world want that. Some people may want it but they are a minority.

Do you want all countries in the world to have approximately the same income level? If you want it you can have it. This means that the income level will drop drastically in advanced nations and increase slightly in developing and less developed. This is the flip side of open markets.

Open markets cause that. Open markets cause three things; a) equalization of income levels among countries b) increase in income differences within countries and elimination of middle class c) very small gains in world growth. From those three, ultra-globalists tell you only one, the third. Why they do that? Because they are truly evil!

It is simple math. The world has a population of 7,5 billion. The population in advanced countries around 1 billion. Europe has a population of 743 million and some countries are not advanced. US has a population of 324 million and for other advanced countries is as follows; Canada 36 million, Australia 24 million, Japan 127 million. The rest of the world is 6 times more so their income has more weight for the result of the average.

While the advanced countries will see a big drop in their per capita income, the same will not happen with the increase in poorer ones. Let us give a quick simple example. If 6 people are making 5 of whatever and 1 person is making 40, the average will be 10 (6x5+1x40)/7 which is much closer to 5 than to 40 because 5 has 6 times more weight.

In US, the income level will drop from 63 K to 18 K. Americans will have one quarter (28%) of their previous income. Something similar will happen in other advanced nations. Do you want open borders? If you want open borders you can have them. Keep in mind that 6,5 billion people will move in advanced countries when you open the borders.

Do not ultra-globalists know that? Some do and some do not. As we have said ultra-globalists are a coalition of; a) very smart evil people that know excactly what they are doing b) fools and ignorants.

The evil people do not care what will happen to their fellow countrymen because they will be in the small percentage that will see huge gains in their incomes because of the increase in differences within countries. They will be in the class of ultra-globalist Lords that will govern the World. The influx of immigrants will not affect them because they are not going to take their jobs. They will take your jobs.

Why do a lot of people support open markets and open borders in advanced nations? Because the are really stupid and ignorant people and they have been fooled by ultra-globalist propaganda. One thing is for sure. You can’t trust ultra-globalists but you can trust us. We will not try to cheat you or mislead you in any way. We will not impose our views on you. We will simply state the facts and give you the choice.