Ultra - globalization

centralization   bureaucracy   totalitarianism   compliance  control   

propaganda   strictness   rigidity   suppression  exploitation   stagnation


Ultra - globalists want to rule, control, exploit the World and establish

one government  one currency  one market  one religion  one culture

one political ideology  one set of beliefs  one race  one color  one sex  one dress


Alt - globalization

independence   decentralization   choice   freedom   

dialogue   prosperity   flexibility   endless possibilities

join the

Anti-NWO system


it can be a very exciting

and extremely rewarding 

and most importantly

you will save your country and the world

from the biggest threat NWO



  Anti (ultra)Globalist International Resistance - Nice and Easy Globalization - Pan European Liberation Alliance 

AGIR - NEG - PELA are three networks that are part of the Anti - NWO system. We support an alternative nice and easy mild globalization. If we had only two choices a) NWO plan b) the previous situation we would chooce the latter. We name Ultraglobalization what most people call Globalization or New World Order. The reason is that we want to differentiate the current catastrophic globalization (NWO) from the alternative nice and easy mild globalization that we prefer.

What we present here is our conclusions based on information gathering and processing, observation, surveillance, infiltration. Site’s visitors should not regard these as the undisputable truth but take them into account when they draw their own conclusions. We do not believe that we reached Absolute Truth but we certainly hope that we have come close to it. 

Since global matters are not stable but evolve, some of the points made in the past may not be correct in the present. Some of the people or organizations that we have charecterized as ultraglobalists may be changing their stance on this matter. This is good and one of our goals, to persuade some prudent, well intended ultraglobalists that this globalization has taken a catastrophic direction and a change of direction is required to a nice and easy mild alternative globalization.

This site has three parts; 1) Anti - NWO plan 2) Articles 3) Fifth Way. In the first part alternative plans to NWO plan are presented. Articles present the views of networks' members and readers. Fifth Way contains an Anti - NWO ideology, an alternative to Third Way which is the main ideology of NWO. There is also an alternative media list that includes social media platforms, video sharing platforms, messengers, web browsers.

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