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Anti Ultra - Globalist International Force

Pan European Liberation Alliance

Nice and Easy Globalization




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centralization  compliance  control  propaganda  strictness


Ultra-globalists want to

rule, control and exploit the World


One government, one currency, one market, one religion, one culture, one race,

one color, one dress, one ideology, one set of beliefs all over the World.




In World War II, more than 70 milion died.  Some ultra-globalists of that time saw Hitler as Europe's and World's Unifier. In Spanish Flu pandemic, estimates of fatalities range between 17 and 100 million with the range 25-40 million more probable. World population in 1927 is estimated to 2 billion.

What are a few hundred thousand deaths compared to those numbers? What are a few hundred thousand deaths to people that do not value your lives? Did Ultraglobalists start COVID -19? The timing is suspicious. Are they trying to hijack US elections? Is mites' considerable increase related? 

How strange is this? From all the heads of states, the ones who got very sick, fought against ultraglobalization. Too many coincidences! Who are spraying COVID-19? Why Italy and Spain?

Whether they started it or not, combating the virus is first priority but at the same time we should not let ultra-globalists take advantage of the situation and attain their goals. Be alert! Be extremely vigilant! 

The biggest threat that minkind faces currently is the fool-evil catastrophic globalization that has been going on for the past decades. Ultra-globalization is not a win - win situation. There are winners and losers. They want to make African, Asian, American Union like European Union and put all those under a World Fascist Government. On the outside it may seem that democracies exist around the World. They will control the outcomes of elections with their devious ways. They want to become filthy rich by exploiting World's citizens as taxpayers, consumers, workers and investors. They want to impose their views on the World with propaganda and political control. They want to do whatever they feel like.


Below is ultraglobalists vision of the future. You are in the left picture. They are in the right. In the middle is how they control you. Pyramids are still there and it is No 1 among the 7 Wonders of the World. The workers who build them are dead and so are their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren etc.

Your life has no value to ultra-globalists but your labor has and they want it to be really cheap.

They want you to work cheaply to build their Pyramids, the Magnum Opuses (Great Works) that they believe are equivalent of Pyramids. Ultra-globalization is for them the greatest work of all. They want to make a class of filthy rich, ultra-globalist, god-like, pseudoelite and another class of slave-like, poor workers. Like Hitler, ultra-globalists want to establish a World Dictatorship. Although there are clearly differences, there are also similarities with Adolf Hitler's views, methods and goals. They realized that it is not necessary to use weapons.

They can brainwash you with propaganda and convince you that what destroys you is actually good for you.

Do not trust the media or Ultra-globalists.

Your life should have value to you. Do not equate it to zero by believing and following what they say.

Imagine some people who pretend to be nice and want to feed the poor. They go into very many houses of ordinary, descent, hardworking people and steal and kill. They keep a lot of money for themselves and become filthy rich. They give lots of money to only a few of the poor people and these become filthy rich as well. They give very little help to some but not all poor people and the leave most poor in the same situation. These are the ultra-globalists. 

For those who like metaphysical explanations

Some ultra-globalists believe that they have been ullumintated. The Real Light would never show a disastrous way. Ultraglobalists have been illuminated by a Fake (inferior, lower, impure) Light that shows them the Wrong Way. Their time is the time of Fake Messiah that will be followed by the time of the Real Messiah, the time when the Real (superior, higher, pure) Light will show the Right Way. Evil will be put in a place where it can not have any impact. Can mankind shorten the time of Fake (inferior, lower, impure) Light and Wrong Way?


Unless we fight back, they will win. The irony is that they wanted to unify the world under a fascist regime and they succeeded to unite the world against them.


We are on a mission to save the World from ultra-globalists. People of the World United against ultra-globalists.

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