Alt - globalization

independence   decentralization   choice   freedom   dialogue   prosperity   flexibility   endless possibilities

Ultra - globalization

centralization   bureaucracy   totalitarianism   compliance   control   propaganda   strictness   rigidity   suppression  exploitation   stagnation

Ultra - globalists want to rule, control, exploit the World and establish

one government, one currency, one market, one religion, one culture, one political ideology, one set of beliefs, one race, one color, one sex, one dress


  Anti (ultra)Globalist International Resistance - Pan European Liberation Alliance - Nice and Easy Globalization

AGIR - PELA - NEG are three networks that support an alternative nice and easy mild globalization. If we had only two choices a) NWO plan b) the previous situation we would chooce the latter. We name Ultraglobalization what most people call Globalization or New World Order. The reason is that we want to differentiate the current catastrophic globalization (NWO) from the alternative nice and easy mild globalization that we prefer. What we present here is our conclusions based on information gathering and processing, observation, surveillance, infiltration. Site’s visitors should not regard these as the undisputable truth but take them into account when they draw their own conclusions. We do not believe that we reached Absolute Truth but we certainly hope that we have come close to it.

join the anti-NWO system


it can be a very exciting and

extremely rewarding endeavor

and most importantly

you will save your country and the world



 Since global matters are not stable but evolve, some of the points made in the past may not be correct in the present. Some of the people or organizations that we have charecterized as ultraglobalists may be changing their stance on this matter. This is good and one of our goals, to persuade some prudent, well intended ultraglobalists that this globalization has taken a catastrophic direction and a change of direction is required to a nice and easy mild alternative globalization.

We can't go back all the time and check all sentences written. In addition it would not be appropriate to change articles and we believe that we should leave them intact, as originally written. We make corrections by adding new articles. Wherever there is a discrepancy between an older article and a newer one, what is in the latter counts.

EU is an evil, rotten, decadent, unproductive, malfunctioning, institution,

a disastrous socialist experiment

but this is not true for some European countries that are members of EU. In France, Italy and other countries, euroskeptic parties govern or increase their percentages considerably. We see big changes. Britain is no more an EU member. In UK, there are some people who want to try and reverse Brexit. Others, including Bremainers have accepted the situation and see that ultraglobalization plan is catastrophic for them since UK will not be included in any Union.

Biden seemed one of them, ultraglobalists. The AUKUS agreement is contrary to ultraglobalization's evil plan which puts Australia and new Zeland in Asian Union. Perhaps he is an ultraglobalist open to compromise in an alternative nice and easy mild globalization. Others, especially in Europe do not seem open.

In the past EU and China seemed on the front of ultraglobalization. Russia is definitely against ultraglobalization since the evil plan puts all its' former allies in European Union while putting Russia in Asian Union. China was on Russia’s side in the Ukranian case. Perhaps they (China - Chinese Communist party) are not supporters of ultraglobalization evil plan anymore.

We will have to wait and see what they do in the future until we make the final verdict.

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