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Are groups useful?

Groups have pros and cons and could be useful. In NWO's groups, net result was negative. Anti-NWO made all the corrections in NWO's disastrous plan and it is positive.

A fanatic ends the world

Mitsotakis is a major global threat, a NWO-EU fanatic in a sensitive area, unwilling to compromise. He could cause world war that could bring the end of the world.

Style is needed

Italy has style and that is what ex-communist countries in Group 4 need. Eastern bloc was producing everything. Many products were sturdy and durable but lacked style.

Italy's rational decision

If Italians make a rational decision, they will choose to be in Group 4. They have so much to gain and nothing to lose. There is no urgency for their participation.

Benefits with Italy

If Italy participates in Group 4, there are benefits for Italy, Group 4 and the whole world. Italy could be a positive influence in the fields that ranks high globally.

Hellenes, Thracians, Illyrians 2

Thracians were hellenized by the end of Hellenistic period that followed Alexander's death. Thracians and Illyrians were hellenized and assimilated in Byzantine Empire.

Turkiye's choice

Turkiye is an important Muslim country. If it wants to play an important role in Muslim World, it should be in a Muslim group. Trading partner is intermediate solution.

Groups must proceed

Groups must proceed even if not all countries participate right away. There may be delay in Groups 3 and 4 but eventually matters will settle as Anti-NWO has planned.

Hellenes, Thracians, Illyrians 1

Since ancient times, Hellenes, Thracians and Illyrians were living in a vast area in Eastern Europe and Minor Asia. The mingled and mixed throughout the centuries.

Italian choice - two steps Exit

Italy will benefit by participating in Group 4 and has a lot of time to decide. A two step Exit is acceptable. Separation is a red line or World War III could happen.

Exit EU scenarios

It is better if all Eastern European countries exit EU but not necessary. The minimum are Balkan and intermediary. Finally all will exit EU if there is no replacement.

Exit EU simultaneously

Eastern European Group could be formed right after countries exit EU. Although not necessary, all countries should exit EU simultaneously, after swapping is examined.

Eastern Europe's phases

There are four phases for Group 4; 1) subgroups' preparation 2) subgroups' merge 3) setting the foundations 4) economic plan implementation and group enlargement.

Intermediary countries

Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia-Montenegro could be intemediaries in Group 4. They are consecutive spatially and in the group's center. Capital choice is a related issue.

Merge two subgroups

Eastern European Group will start with 2 subgroups that will merge. One will be EU members and the other Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro and possibly N. Macedonia.

Income criterion added

Christian Eastern European countries will start in Group 4. Income criterion can be included. Richer countries will be added first and decide for subsequent enlargement.

Trading partner status

In Group 4 or any group, a trading partner status will be available in addition to full membership. Trading partners will only have preferential trading relations.

Christian Eastern Europe

Rama's speech in Greece seemed pro EU. Countries that support NWO-EU could be excluded from Eastern European Group. Albania could be excluded because it is not Christian.

Eastern Europe only

After events in Georgia, it was proposed that only Eastern European countries will be initially in Group 4. They will decide which countries will be added and when.

Ural-Ataic tribes

Urals and Altai mountains surround Western Siberia plain. Ural-Altaic trbes migrated to Eastern Europe and mixed with locals while Eastern Europeans migrated to Siberia.

Eurovision's separation

Eurovision is meaningless and cultural nazism. Participation of non Western European countries is deragatory and harmful for them. There should be Eastern Eurovision.

Be Eastern European

Eastern Europeans should be original and richer than Western Europeans, not second class, poor Western European misprints, as NWO plans. People should be what they are.

A favor isn't a right

Asian countries are in Eastern European Group to increase population. Eastern European countries are doing them a favor and they should behave well, not like Georgia.

Many ways of division

There are many ways of division inside groups. Provinces could be consecutive or not with eqaual populations or not. Groups will do whatever they want internally.

Separation is not alienation

Separating Western and Eastern Europe is good for all Groups. It does not have to be alienation. The two groups could make agreements and develop close relations.

Separation is red line

Turkey, Israel and Russia participating in EU is unacceptable because EU is unacceptable. Separating Western and Eastern Europe is a red line that can't be crossed.

No country solution

No country solution has high probability for Cyprus but low for Israel and Ukraine. In Cyprus, Union or Enosis has been an issue cause for decades, at least since 1950.

Israel's placement

Israel can be placed in Group 4, Group 3 or be a US territory and participate in Group 1. It won't be placed in any group for a while. Group 4 should follow the plan.

Importance of Group 4

Group 4 is important. The model and plan will be the standard for most other groups. Also three important problems, Ukrainian, Palestinian and Cyprian are in Group 4.

Decentralized will work

Eastern Europe's decentralized lean model will work because of pcs and internet. NWO-EU are dinosaurs who have been left behind through technological advancement.

Make a clean start

Eastern Europe's model and plan could be applied in Western Europe but not in EU. If they are succesfull, Western Europeans may realize the error of their ways.

Divisions inside groups

Provinces inside groups could be usefull. In some groups, provinces already exist. Several criteria could be used and each can result in many ways of division.

Eastern Europe's decisions

There are a few options for decision making in Eastern Europe. EEC ministers Council will make the final choise under the quidance of prime ministers and presidents.

Eastern Europarliament

In Eastern Europe's plan there is an optional alternative for Europarliament. The job will be done by national parliaments and the use of some simple mathematics.

Western European Union

Western Europeans have been preparing for Western European Union and this is right. EU's model will still be flawed but the problem will be smaller and more manageable.

Compromise is near

Western European NWO has accepted the possibility of compromise and are OK with this. They have not told their puppets in Eastern Europe. This is double deception.

War in Greece

The war in Middle East could spread to Greece and Cyprus. It will be a small war but it could escalate and spread further. There could be some positive side effects.

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