A new Yalta agreement

A new Yalta agreement

Anyone who has some knowledge and looks carefully under the surface can clearly see what is going on. History is repeating itself. Ultra-globalists are trying to conquer and unify Europe and then the rest of the World, like in World War II. Like in World War II, they have seized control of most continental Europe. UK is the only free country along with very few that are not part of EU yet.

Ultra-globalists must be stopped like in World War II. Otherwise they will continue with African, American and Asian Union and will put those under a World fascist regime. At the same time some cooperation and coordination is required so that less advanced nations can advance. A new economic bloc will serve two purposes. It will stop ultra-lgobalists and assist less advanced nations.

Not all Germans were Nazis but Nazis controlled Germany before and during World War II. Likewise, not all Germans and French are ultra-globalists but ultra-globalists control Germany, France and other European countries. Ultra-globalists are a global vicious cabal that are very strong in some countries and not so strong in others. Their stronghold is Europe and especially Germany and France. American ultra-globalists consider them an important ally. As we have already said, if necessary, a rival vicious cabal should be formed that will support an alternative globalization.

World War II was won when Americans, British and Canadians landed in Normandy during Operation Overlord. Normandy is at the northwestern end of continental Europe. Another landing is required on the other side of the continent, the Southeastern. It could be by economic, political or military means. The Yalta Conference signaled the end of war. The Yalta agreement was between US, UK and Russia who were on the winners’ side. They divided the Word into spheres of influence.

It was based on an agreement that Stalin and Churchill made a few months earlier during the Moscow conference. It was also called the “percentages agreement” because Churchill wrote percentages of influence for Eastern European countries on a napkin and gave it to Stalin. Roosevelt was not present but he agreed. All Eastern Europe was in the Eastern bloc and under the influence of Russia. The only exception was Eastern Europe’s southernmost country Greece which is surrounded by sea. England was a naval power and was not that much interested in continental Balkans.

The French complain that Charles de Gaulle was not invited. Roosevelt disliked him but Stalin also insisted that he would not take part. It was correct that the French were not invited because they were not clearly on the Allied Forces side, they were divided. They also did not do much fighting against the Axis. A new Yalta agreement is necessary. As a last resort, a mini war of a few days may put things into the right order. In the case of war, military powers decide. Even a threat of war may be enough. The armies are the most patriotic body. We have ultra-globalist politicians, media moguls, journalists, financiers, businesspeople that come close or even pass the line of high treason.

Like in World War II, US and UK rejected ultra-globalists plan for a World Fascist Regime so they can lead the alternative globalization along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are people that originated from all over the world. They went there as immigrants. The same is true for UK because the sun never set on the British Empire.  

US, Canada and Australia were British colonies. Their language is English and they have cultural ties. They have approximately the same economic level, equal to that of Western Europe. Australia is far away but it is a country that has European as its basic culture. English is unofficially the global language. Countries in the new economic block can VOLUNTARY assign it as second official language, after their own.

The third party in Yalta agreement was Russia. While Americans, British and Canadians were advancing from west, Russians were battling in the east. They met in Berlin. Russia was stripped of its’ allies by EU. Russia needs some allies and breathing space. Otherwise there will be tensions. It is still one of the World’s top military powers. It is either in second or third place. Some analysts put China second. It is not so strong economically though.

The new Axis is EU. There are two solutions regarding EU, the consensual and the non-consensual. In the first case who have partial dismantle of EU and in the second complete. Crusaders are allowed to play Union, if they consent, as long as they do not get out of the park, Western Europe. European Unification was a Western European endeavor that stemmed from the Crusades. Although it may be somewhat dangerous, the Crusaders can have their Union in Western Europe only, as long as they behave and abandon aspiration for a World Fascist Regime. After all, there is a strong belief inside EU that expansion to ex-communist countries should not have happened.

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