A strategy required

A strategy required

We walked halfway to meet ultraglobalists in the middle. They did not move an inch. We offered some alternatives. They stick to their plan of European completion. As we have said this is the first step. It will be followed by American, Asian and African Union. Once these are completed, they will put them under a World fascist regime. This shows that these people are fanatics, worse than ISIS. There is no other alternative but to fight ultraglobalists.

It could be extremely dangerous to be fooled, if they pretend to hold back or change the agenda. They do this kind of staff when they realize that are pushed into the corner. They wait for the right moment, the right opportunity and then they counterattack with blind fury. How can you trust people who tried to fool you in several occasions regarding several matters that this time they are sincere?

The people of the World are not against globalization. We are not against globalization. Ultraglobalists have a specific agenda regarding globalization. It is either that or nothing.They have a strategy. A strategy is required against them. The fight should be in several fronts.

A strategic approach implies that this is not the time to discuss which way to go regarding globalization. The people of the world will decide it, once ultraglobalists are defeated. We have claimed that it makes sense for a small economy to group with others and make a bigger one. What if the citizens of that country do not want it? It is OK with us. The countries can do whatever they want. They can chose if they will participate in an economic group, with which other countries and in what way. The possibilities are nearly endless. We gave so far some general directions and some examples.

Now it is not the time to determine how alternative globalization will be. Now is the time to defeat ultraglobalists because for them globalization is only one way, their way. This is the difference between their fascist mentality and our democratic. They may seem democratic on the surface but they are fascists at the core. They say “our way or the highway”. We say “anyway you want”.

They think that they are in control. Hitler thought that he was in control for almost all the length of World War II. Only towards the very end, he may have realized that he was losing the battle. Nevertheless, the forces that were loyal to him, continued battling furiously until the last days. There was also a long period in World War II where it seemed that he was winning. It was not only his belief but everybody else’s. In the end he lost and so did the ultraglobalists of that time that were behind him and wanted European and World Unification under a fascist regime.  

In USA and in Europe we have two different situations. In USA we have one country that may fall in ultraglobalists’ hands. Then, they will use the superpower for achieving their goals. They will use the army, secret services etch. They do that everywhere, not in USA only. It is of a great significance though if the superpower is in their hands.

In Europe we have most part under EU’s yoke. There are strong liberation movements all over Europe. UK was the first country liberated. Others should follow. Ultraglobalists cooperate on a European and global level. Resistance movements against EU’s yoke should cooperate all over Europe like they did in World War II.

One by one countries in Europe should gain their independence, where this is what the majority wants. Countries that are not in ultraglobalists hands should assist this effort. An opposing vicious global cabal should be formed that will beat them in their own game. A new economic bloc of independent nations should be formed to stop ultraglobalists.

They will not just vanish like that. Like Hitler and his loyal followers, they will fight furiously until the final days. In the end they will be defeated. That is when the people of the world can choose what kind of alternative globalization they want.