Be the smart detective

Be the smart detective

Let’s take an example. We have a death that looks like an accident. Everybody wants to close the case but the smart detective insists on investigating it. He wants to examine the possibility that it was a crime which was covered to look like an accident. He builds a hypothesis and tests it to see if It is valid. Same approach is used in science as well. In simpler words, he makes a scenario and sees if it stands true. In all crimes, motive is a very important factor. Usually the evidence comes last, once a valid scenario is formed based on motive.  

Profit may be a motive. If a lab or a company has already the vaccine, they could make a lot of money. There are other ways to make money. The virus would eventually bring down the markets. So those who have shorted would make money as well. In a short position the investor first sells and then buys and hopes to make money from a drop in prices.

Timing is extremely suspicious it. It is only a few months before US elections. There are many other places in the World that will have elections soon but USA is the important one. Ultraglobalists dislike Trump because he put a hold on ultraglobalization. Most likely he would have won the elections for two reasons. First, this is what usually happens. There are very few exceptions where a President was not elected for a second term. In addition to that, things were going really well in the economy.

Ultraglobalist media were bashing him for four years. Impeachment did not work out not only to remove him from office but also to cause him big political damage. So perhaps they tried extreme measures as a last resort. When voters are happy, they tend to vote for the incumbent President or the party in power. When they are unhappy, they want change. COVID -19 makes people very unhappy for all the effects that it has on their lives.

Now going back to the Chinese government involvement, China was definitely among those who benefited from ultraglobalization. USA was definitely among those who lost although a very small fraction of the population had benefited a lot. Trump had pushed China for USA's benefit. It is possible that Chinese are aiming to get rid of him, especially if China has ties with ultraglobalists which is very likely. Without Trump in office, they would go back to the previous situation that was favorable to them. 

It is possible that there were involved. They decided to have a big cost in their country, so that will have a bigger benefit as they perceived it by getting rid of Trump. It is a cost - benefit analysis. They paid a very high price to solve the Trump problem. Most likely they had collaborators which could be no others than US or EU ultraglobalists. Germany was another country that had benefited a lot from ultraglobalization, unlike USA. So, US ultraglobalists are acting against US interests and for the benefit of China. As we have stated, ultraglobalists very often come close or cross the line of high treason. 

Let’s assume that ultraglobalists produce the virus in a lab somewhere in the West, like CureVac lab in Provingia. The company has a site in Boston as well. Ultraglobalists have people all over the world. What a better place to unleash the virus than Wuhan market? It is a dirty place where all kinds of animals are sold. Dead and alive are together. Vendors often slaughter animals in front of their customers. Sanitary conditions are the worst.

A “good name” could also a benefit. Some TV channels started already presenting scientists from John Hopkins Bloomberg Department of Epidemiology. Supposedly, they will give a fight against the deadly virus and in the end they will save the World. Mike Bloomberg will save the World! Mike Bloomberg for US President or Vice President!

There is another way ultraglobalists benefit. An alien attack and a virus are the only threats of global magnitute. Ultraglobalists are also a global threat but they do not see their selves this way. Natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes have local impact. Only a virus can have a global impact. A global response may be needed that will make necessary something that in the future may evolve in a World Government.  

Now, ultraglobalists may have planned to gain in all possible ways, sell the vaccine, make a good name, take a short position, win US elections and Unify the World. It is a win - win - win - win - win situation. It' like someone is killing his wife because he hates her and at the same time will inherit a big fortune and get a huge insurance reimbursement.

Some ultraglobalists are among the smartest people on planet but they are also very mean. These people are sophisticated and have elaborate plans. They may have covered their tracks very carefully. If no evidence is found it does not mean that there was no crime. In criminal cases, sometimes guilty people walk away because of lack of evidence.

It is possible that coronavirus epidemic happened accidentally, leaking from a lab or spreading to humans from animals. If it was not an accident, as we said, anybody could have done it, nations, companies, terrorist orgnizations. Look for the ones who benefit from the situation as prime suspects. These may be ultraglobalists, Chinese, Germans and any others that benefit and have a motive.

We can't know if ultraglobalists started the spread of COVID - 19 but we certainly know that they benefit. We know that they are capable of doing such things. If the situation is like we described, there could be some very serious charges for high treason in USA and for crimes against humanity to those who may be involved in USA, Europe, China and other countries. Be like the smart detective not like the dumb ones. Things are never as they look. You would have to dig under the surface to find how they really are. Build a scenario based on motive and test it if it stands true. You may come up with a better scenario.