Coordination through intermediaries

Coordination through intermediaries

Globally, anti-NWO side is larger and stronger than NWO. Ultraglobalists are basically a tiny but powerful pseudo-elite who has managed to control the media in many countries and through that to deceive the least perceptive citizens. Anti-NWO side has a major shortcoming though that needs to be dealt with and there are ways to fix it. NWO side is cohesive while anti-NOW is not. This is in terms of ideological position but countries as well.

Nazis and Fascists were at their core socialists. Like Third Way, they had socialism as a base and incorporated elements from the right. Third Way, in that sense, is contemporary Nazism and Fascism. We are not saying that Third Way and Nazism have the same views but that they are similar because they are mostly socialism with elements from the right. We need to mention that Nazism and Fascism were very popular ideologies before World War II.

Broadly speaking, there are three economic systems, free market, socialism, communism. The Nazis, being socialists at the core, were fighting against the other two systems, free market in US and Britain and communism in Soviet Union. In terms of ideology, we have a dejavu, the World War II situation. Ultraglobalists (NWO) and opponents are all over the ideological spectrum.

But where is each side stronger? Where it was in World War II! Ultraglobalists (NWO) are in the center-left & center (socialism) while opponents are on the center-right & right (free market) and left (communism). Some anarchists are also anti-NWO. That does not mean that everybody in the center is ultraglobalist (NWO) but that the opponents of NWO in the center are generally a minority. That is important for something that we will explain soon.

Of course in each country the situation is different. In US there is not a left party or a right party since they have only two parties. In France, Melanchon is the leader of the most successful (anti-NWO) left party. In Europe, there are other examples of anti-NWO left parties that get considerable percentages in elections. The areas of the political spectrum where opponents of NWO are strong is one reason for their incohesiveness.

Center-left is very close to center while center-right & right is far away from left. Nevertheless, in World War II, capitalists and communists managed to fight the common enemy, Nazi socialists. If it was attainable in World War II, it can be in this World War. Centrist antiultraglobalists can serve as intermediaries, since at certain instances, it could be very hard to have center-right & right sit on the same table with left. They can both sit on the same table with centrists. Left can attack center-left from the left side and weaken it.

The key words are intermediaries and coordination. Where it is possible to form alliances, it should be done. Anti-NWO Republicans can form alliances with anti-NWO center-right & right parties in Europe, Canada, Oceania. There are some anti-NWO leaders in Muslim countries that Republicans would never sit on the same table with. A country like Turkey could play the role of intermediary.

They are close to the West because of NATO membership but also close to several Muslim countries because they have the same religion. As written before, not everybody in the anti-NWO side has to sit on the same table or communicate with everybody else. If A communicates with B and C, B with D and E, C with F and G, then A communicates indirectly with D, E, F and G.   

It is very important to stop the fighting within anti-NWO side. Some of these fights are orchestrated by NWO, according to their principle “divide and rule”. When the War against ultraglobalists (NWO) has been won, then fights can start again, if that is what the fighting sides want. American – British and the Soviets had the prudency not to start fighting (Cold War) before the common enemy Nazi socialists had been deactivated.

Do not give up! Fight back! We can win this because the odds are on our side but we need to have the right approach. People in the World do not want NWO plan for several reasons. We have to win this by all means because if ultraglobalists prevail, life would be intorelable for all those that can not be easily manipulated and brainwashed. The rest will be like robots, programmed by a pseudo-elite to believe in and do whatever the pseudo-elite wants.  

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