EEC model

EEC model

The EU experiment is a big disaster, a failed experiment. NWO controls the media in many European countries and presents the disaster as a success. The European Union's malfunctioning model has implications not only for Europe but for the whole world, since this is the group model that will be applied to the other three continental Unions; American, Asian, African. That is according to NWO's plan, which most likely will not continue.

There is a very detailed plan for Eastern European Commonwealth (EEC). One part of the plan deals with the group's organization model and is very different from the defective model in damned European Union. EEC's organization model is simple, flexible, frugal, inexpensive, immediately applicable and uses high technology.

In each country, there will be a Ministry or Deputy Ministry of Eastern EC. These Ministers will be in charge of the group matters. They will not make decisions on their own but they will consult with other Ministers and the Prime Minister or President in their countries. Unlike European Union, personnel working for Eastern EC will be spread throughout the group in all countries.

In this way, all countries will benefit. A capital for the group is possible but not certain. If there is a capital, there will be some coordinating institutions there. The city and the country will have some extra benefits. The surrounding counties will benefit as well because they will be very close to the center of action, regarding group matters.

Eastern EC personnel in each country will be under the supervision of the EEC Ministry. Telephones, email, videoconferencing, messaging will be used to communicate with the coordinating institutions in the capital. In addition to the EEC Ministers' frequent meetings, the heads of the states could meet less frequently.

Nothing else is foreseen in the group's organization model. The EEC personnel per one thousand citizens will be much, much lower than EU's, making the model much, much cheaper for taxpayers. There is no need for an Eastern European Parliament, since all countries have their own parliaments which take decisions on all matters. Europarliament is a double burden for the taxpayer.

The model is immediately applicable. The only thing needed is that each participating country will establish an EEC Ministry or Deputy Ministry. There will be no accession period. The first things that EEC Ministers or Deputy Ministers will do are; a) decide if there will be a capital and the selection process b) modify if necessary the group's organization model that is ready c) modify if necessary the thirty-year economic plan that is ready.

A capital, like Brussels are for EU, is not necessary but preferable. It makes sense that the capital will be approximately in the geographic center. Since Russia is a vast country, not its entire area is taken into account for defining the geographic center of the group. Probable capitals include; Budapest, Chisinau, Odessa, Boucharest, Belgrade, Bratislava, Prague, Krakow.

One of the first decisions would be regarding the capital. The first meetings of EEC Ministers or Deputy Ministers will be in the candidate cities, so they can have a more personal opinion. Like in all decisions, they will consult with other Ministers in their countries and the Prime Minister or the President. The cities could make a candidature folder, like in the Olympic Games.

Thriteen Eastern European countries will spin off in European Union. Eight of them are in Eurozone; Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Esthonia. They will create Eastern Eurozone with eastern euro as currency. The other five that will spin off are; Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria. In order to have a smooth transition, for a while, things will remain as they were, when these countries participated in European Union. Gradually there will be changes, in agreement with the rest of the countries.

These are from north to south; Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Israel. Azerbaijan could participate as well while Israel's participation is questionable. There are five countries in this group that are not clearly Eastern European, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Cyprus, Israel. Azerbaijan could be added. Turkey has approximately 10 million people living in the European part. Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are right at the conventional Europe - Asia border which is Caucasus.

One important thing that falls both in the group's organization model and the economic model is the provision of the world's best systems. The group will obtain the best systems in the world (transportation, public administration, education, public safety etc.) and make them available to all countries in the group to apply them, if they wish.

This is one reason for the economic growth that will allow Eastern Europe to reach the economic level of Western Europe. There is also a very detailed economic plan. Based on that, Eastern Europe as a whole will reach the economic level of Western Europe in about twenty five to thirty years. EU has free movement of people, goods, services and capital.

This is not required nor forbidden in the Eastern European Commonwealth. There will be some production specialization of countries and also complementation in terms of products, services, workers and capital. But these can be achieved by other means than free movement. Nevertheless, if the EEC Ministers decide to do so, they could have free movement of people, goods, services and capital.

These will be explained more in the economic model. Eastern EC's model should be in the interest not only of the countries in the group but the whole world. The other groups can take a closer look at EU's malfunctioning model and Eastern EC's much better model. They can get some ideas to help them decide how they want their group's model to be.

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