New World Order plan is very old. It has origins in the beginnings of European Socialism in 18th century. Actually certain elements come from the Crusades that took place in a period of two centruries, between 1095 and 1291 AD. We will devote a couple of articles to cover briefly the history of NWO from the Crusades to Hitler. Although it may have started in the Crusades, it has intensified during and after 18th century. Perhaps Napoleonian wars were part of this plan.

Definitely World War II was part of the plan. You must realize that Nazis’ plan was not theirs. It was given to them by socialist centers of power that wanted to establish a Global Socialist Dictatorship. The Nazis probably made their own adjustments and corrections. So this is not a new plan but a plan that dates at least since 18th century and is being constantly modified and developed. The plan has several key points e.g. control of mass media.

One key point is the creation of a pseudo-elite. What is the difference between an elite and a pseudo-elite? The term is used for uncultivated, uneducated people with money. The meaning we give to the term is those who do not deserve to be elite. If you look up in the dictionary the world “elite”, you will get “a group of people that is superior to the rest in terms of skills and qualities” or something similar. You have learned that you can advance through your efforts and your capabilities.

This is true if the game is not rigged. The elite would be those who advance at the top positions in a country solely on hard work and skills. Ultraglobalists have rigged the game. You can actually advance much easier and effortlessly without having the skills and capabilities. The way is to participate in a cabal. There may be other cabals but the most powerful and extensive that we know of is (ultra)globalist (NWO) cabal. Part of their plan is the creation of a pseudo-elite that will amass great fortunes at the expense of others.

Nazi’s were the Third Reich. The word Reich means domination. Nazis' First Reich was Roman Empire. In Ancient Rome, there were two classes, plebeians and patricians. Plebeians were free Roman citizens that were very poor. Plebeians were the peasants while patricians were the lords, the elite. Ultraglobalists want to reconstruct this model of two classes and aim for the creation of a pseudo-elite that will have great wealth and power at the expense of the rest who will be poor and approximately equal in wealth and income.

The cabal will assist you to advance at the top positions regardless of efforts, skills or talent. They do that in all fields but mostly in politics, public administration, mass media, arts and business. There are certain business sectors that they prefer like finance and high tech. They have companies they own. Compared to the whole business sector, the ultraglobalist controlled is very small. 

There is limited meritocracy within the cabal. They advance to higher positions the members of the cabal that try more and are worth more. But there are many more better qualified people for these positions that have worked much harder and do not get them (positions) because they do not belong in the cabal. If you see people that are not worth it but nevertheless advance, they are probably members of the cabal.

They help members of the clan to advance and amass wealth to reward them but mostly to have power to control the plebeians. Money is power, especially on poor people. Not anyone can become a member of the cabal. They will have to serve their goals and believe in their ideas. Usually they are relatives, friends, acquaintances of ultraglobalists because all this effort is supposed to be secret. 

We want to make clear and we will keep repeating it that we have nothing against socialism, their religious or philosophical beliefs, their sexual preferences or what other characteristics they may have, as long as they play by the rules and do not conspire against us for Socialism’s global prevalence, the extinction of rival ideologies and the establishment of a Global Dictatorship by a pseudo-elite.

It will become clear in the brief summary that we will make of (ultra)globalist’s plan since the Crusades, which groups mostly constitute the cabal. The oppressed want to become oppressors and rule over the rest. The oppressed were actually oppressed or perceived themselves as oppressed. We support not anyone being oppressed but we can’t let them oppress us, ruin our lives, extinguish all ideologies except socialism and establish a Global Socialist Dictatorship by a pseudo-elite of the allegedly oppressed.

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