Two super models

Two super models

EU is an evil monstrosity, a creation of sick minds. It is not only an unproductive institution but destructive, the decadence of Europe. It has a negative impact on most citizens under EU regime. By controlling Mass Media, they manage to brainwash citizens with propaganda and in this way not allowing them to see clearly the reality.

It is insane that USA – UK and Russia fight with each other. All they have to do is make a New Yalta Agreement and divide Southern and Eastern Europe in two parts. These parts can be the bases for two groups of countries. We avoid to use the word Union because European Union may come to mind. A group of countries does not have to be like European Union.

We have two models ready that we will give to USA – UK and Russia for free, if they manage to liberate a large part of Europe from EU regime. These models are super models because they will prove superior to EU’s silly, evil, corrupt, faulty model. The proof will be in reality, not in theory. When these models will be applied to the two parts that will secede from EU, they will leave new smaller Northwestern EU behind because they are dinosaurs that will become extinct.

There is no need for a super national entity and more than sixty thousand lazy, useless bureaucrats. All is needed is an agency in each country of the group that will deal with the group’s matters and some meetings among Presidents/Prime Ministers and Ministers. The bureaucratic work will be done by the agencies which do not have to be located in the same town.

The digital means of communication are the same regardless if we are a few kilometers or thousands of kilometers away. In both cases, telephones, messaging, email, video conferences are used. What is even better is that countries can have their independence, manage their own affairs and at the same time have all the benefits of grouping. All issues have pros and cons.

Even everyday issues have pros and cons. If you exercise in the morning, you will have to wake up very early and you may feel a little tired for the rest of the day. But you can take it out early, forget about it and relax during the evening in your home. If you exercise in the evening, you may be tired from all day’s work and bored to go for an exercise. Also if you exercise outdoors, it may be dark for approximately half the year.

If you live far from downtown you will get a better deal, more space for the rent or the house price that you are paying and perhaps a safer and quieter neighborhood. If you live close to downtown, you need less time for commuting every-day. Also downtown is more interesting and exciting with more places for leisure and entertainment.

The issue of grouping countries together has pros and cons as well. If we have a group like EU in mind, the scale should weigh more on the side of not participating in a group. In the two supermodels we have created, we managed to minify all the cons and leave mostly the benefits. In these cases, the scale weighs more on the side of participating in a group.  

We are only a Resistance Network to evil NWO – EU plan. We do not have more than sixty thousand employees at our disposal. And we managed to create two group models that are far superior to EU’s defective model. In order to prove the superiority of our models compared to EU’s faulty model, we need to apply them.

We can’t understand how USA - UK have gotten so confused in this issue. Partition of EU and Europe is the only solution. It is a combination of Yalta agreement and NWO – EU defective plan. Ultraglobalist demons can still have a large part of Northern and Western Europe to apply their silly, utopian socialist ideas and fail miserably.

We will give to USA – UK and Russia two super models for free that will leave new smaller Northwestern EU behind and make EU model obsolete. Actually they do not need to take these super models from us because they have plenty of capable people to create even better super models. Nevertheless we will do as promised and they can take our super models into account when they create theirs.

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