Ultraglobalists and COVID-19

Ultraglobalists and COVID - 19

A century has passed since Spanish flu pandemic where 500 million were infected and between 17 and 100 million died, between 1918 and 1920. The one that happened in 2009, right after the global financial crisis, was also due to influenza, like the Spanish flu. HIV/AIDS is considered also a pandemic but it is of a different nature. It spreads slowly and people die after many years. COV-19 pandemic is rapid, in terms of spreading and time from contacting the virus till death.

Biological warfare can be against people, plants or animals. The definition of warfare includes biological toxins and infectious agents as insects, viruses, bacteria, fungi. Along with Chemical and Nuclear warfare are weapons of mass destruction that are not conventional. Insects and viruses can be genetically engineered. Pathogens are taken from plants or animals that are infected. Entomological warfare is a subtype of biological warfare. Insects can be used directly or indirectly as vectors. In the second case, they are the medium that transmits viruses or bacteria. The two most important signals of bioattack are;

  • Single cause of a certain disease caused by an uncommon agent, with lack of an epidemiological explanation.
  • Unusual, rare, genetically engineered strain of an agent.


One theory suggests that coronavirus was engineered in Wuhan Institute of virology as a bioweapon and accidentally leaked because of poor safety measures. This is one possibility. A rumor spreads that a researcher at the Institute reported the Institute’s head for selling experimental animals at the local food market. The Wuhan Institute may have been involved but others who had very serious motives probably orchestrated it. Who could these others be?  

Wuhan Institute may or may not have been involved. May be the virus was given to them from a Western Lab. They could very easily transmit it to some animals by injection and then sell these animals on the local food market.Some right-wing politicians and commentators tried to present it as a Chinese conspiracy. The situation may be more complex. There are problems with the Chinese conspiracy. Why would they want to hurt their country most of all? What is their benefit? Their involvement is not impossible but most likely they may have collaborators in USA or Europe.

Some people are still thinking in terms of national rivalry. This definitely still exists but there is a new rivalry that most people fail to take into account, ultraglobalists vs altglobalists. (Some altglobalists were previously supporters of the system before globalization but have changed their position). In this case we may have a combination of both, national rivalry and ultraglobalists vs altglobalists. According to some sources, COVID - 19 was produced at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health which already has the vaccine and will bring it out when Mike Bloomberg becomes Vice President. This could be completely inaccurate, a bogus claim. US Government should look into it.

Anybody could have done that. Many nations and companies have the ability to engineer viruses. It could be Russia, Iran, EU, Germany, France, England, USA, China, big pharmaceutical companies, investing companies, bio-terrorists etch. All these have the ability to do it. The big question is motive. Why would someone do such a thing? What would be someone’s motive? There are too many coincidences. Two countries mostly benefited from ultraglobalization, Germany and China. China had an enormous economic benefit at the expense of other countries. Germany managed to rule Europe through ultraglobalization and EU and benefit economically as well, may be less than China.

China is no longer a communist country but it is not a free market democracy either. China’s current system resembles fascism, like Hitler’s Germany. This is the system ultraglobalists want to impose on the World. In World War II, between 70 and 85 million people died. Countries that start wars know that they will have many loses on their side as well and there is a chance that they will not win. Nevertheless, they do it anyway. Ultraglobalists may have been behind Hitler. Germany’s imperialistic nationalism allied with ultraglobalists’ European and World Unification.

China and Germany seem to be ahead of other nations. China seems to be better prepared and Germany has the vaccine or will produce it soon. There were articles that Trump tried to lure German scientists with big sums. John Hopkins Bloomberg Epidemiology Department seemed to be ready. Ultraglobalists media want to convince us that China's system is better and that showed in the way they dealt with the virus. Does ultraglobalist media want us to believe that fascism is a better system? Ultraglobalization has not been going very well lately. Is there a possibility that there was a Devil’s Triangle behind the spread of coronavirus with the purpose of putting ultraglobalization back on track?

There is another situation that could be related. People in many places around the world complain about itches, rashes, bites and crawling sensation but can’t see anything. These are mites and in recent years they have substantially increased. There are thousand kinds of mites that are grouped into four broad categories. These are mostly parasites although in some cases they are considered beneficial symbionts. They could be beneficial in other ways.

Mites do not fly. There are several ways they use for their transportation. They walk, jump, let the wind carry them, use threads like spiders or hitch hike on their hosts. They feed on pretty much everything, living or dead plans and animals, insects, fungi, garbage etch. Some species do not feed on people but others colonize mammals and cause disease transmission, allergenic and skin diseases. Varroa destructor is responsible for the destruction of many honey bee colonies while other species spread diseases in cereal grain crops. There is a famous ultraglobalist who is an amateur entomologist.