A trip to Hell

A trip to Hell

Suppose some people you know come by your house and tell you “let’s go for a ride”. You ask where they are going and they say “just drive around”. Let’s say that you have nothing to do and go with them. If at any point of this ride you look the surroundings, you can see where you are but still you do not know where you are going. Assume that you insist on them telling you the destination. They tell you “to the park” but that is not where they are going.

What is the point? You can’t know where you are going by looking at where you are at a certain point or by what they tell you. The same is true with NWO. It is like a ride or a trip. It is the road to Hell according to our views and the road to Paradise on Earth according to their twisted views and beliefs. It goes through phases. If you look where you are at a certain phase that does not mean that there is where you are going. Also you can’t know where you are going from what they tell you.

Now, if they were truthful, then you would know where you are going. But half of what they tell you is truth, half is lies and there is also half the truth that they do not tell you. Perhaps it is more than half the truth that they do not tell you. So where is NWO going? Where Hitler was going to a Global Socialist Dictatorship. An ultraglobalist pseudo-elite will have lots of money and power and control, deceive, manipulate, brainwash, oppress, exploit mankind.

By looking where we are now you can’t understand where NWO is taking us. NWO origins are in European Socialism. As mentioned again, in order to expand their reach, they have created left and right hybrid socialist ideologies and parties. There is nothing wrong in mixing things. It is actually healthy and creative. It is done in the arts, in business, in science and many fields.

What is devious and evil is the fact that all these hybrid socialist ideologies and political parties are controlled by the same power centers. They give the impression that they are different but they are the same. Also what makes it even worse, is that in the future, all these will converge. Where we are right now is not where NWO is taking us.

The high-ranking officials of the ultraglobalist cabal have all the information. As we go down the hierarchy, less and less information is revealed. Perhaps, low ranking ultraglobalists do not have much more information than the average citizen. The exact type or version of Global Socialist Dictatorship that they are taking us to, we do not know. Maybe they do not know either, meaning that they have not figured the last details and may let things evolve.

It is not bad to want a Global Socialist Authoritarian Government where an oligarchy will rule, as long as they are honest, tell people what exactly is their goal and destination and ask for their votes. They know that if they do that, they are not going to get many votes, anywhere in the world. So they are doing it in a sneaky way, like the people we took you for a ride in the example and told you “just drive around” although they knew where they are going. Also when you asked they did not tell you the truth.

NWO is a package. Perhaps some elements of the package are appealing to some people while others are repulsive. Either you accept the whole package or you reject it. The package is not where we are right now but the destination, where NWO is taking us. It is a reasonable to guess that most people in the World will reject the NWO package, the destination. By joining the opponents you will have the opportunity to stop ultraglobalists from reaching their destination and participate in the formation of a nice and easy mild alternative globalization.   

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