Confine and control ultraglobalists

Confine and control ultraglobalists

Ultraglobalists are very organized and have many capable but evil scientists. Science can be used in favor but also against mankind. They have psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists, lawyers etc. Anti-NOW forces must know how ultraglobalists operate, what their plan is, how they are going to apply it, the different phases, their goals etc, in order to be able to defeat them.

NWO origins are in European socialism. First plans date back to first socialists like Henri de Saint Simon. Hitler’s goal was to use Germany’s and Axis’s military might to establish first a European Socialist Union and then a Global Socialist Dictatorship. The same circles of power that were behind Hitler are behind European Union. Hitler was fighting on behalf of socialism against free market system (US and Britain) and communism (Soviet Union).

NWO is continuation of Nazi’s effort. They want to extinct free market, communism, anarchism and have authoritarian socialism as the only ideologdy all over the World. They want to create four Socialist Unions, European, American, Asian, African and put these under a Global Socialist Dictatorship. They try to expand their followers and for that reason they create hybrid types of socialism to have under their control voters that ordinarily would be in free market parties or left parties.

These hybrid types of left or right socialism have socialism at the core but incorporate elements from the right or the left to create hybrid socialist ideologies and political parties that may seem appealing to left or right voters. All these are controlled by the same circles of power and operate in a coordinated manner. In this way they can expand the influence of socialism to a much larger size of the electorate than it would otherwise be.

The same circles of power were behind Hitler. In the final stages of NWO, the different left or right hybrid types of socialism will converge. At that point, it will not be a problem for ultraglobalists because their ideological enemies, communists and free market supporters would have weakened enormously and socialists will have full control of the situation.

Ultraglobalists should be confined to their political area and should not be let to expand to areas of electorate that belong to the two opposing to their ideology politico-economic systems. Free market supporters have fought in the past against communism. There was a time where it was a clear danger for communism’s expansion and empowerment. Today we can hardly speak of that chance.

Small left anti-NWO parties can be beneficial because they confine ultraglobalists from left and weaken them. In countries like US that have a two parties system that can’t be done unless they change into three or more parties system. In order to confine ultraglobalists from the right, sometimes a hybrid free market ideology can be used that incorporates some elements from the left into free market ideology.

Ultraglobalists use a lot of psychological manipulation and psychological warfare tactics against people in order to control them. Some of them are right out of Nazi’s top secret manual. They have evil psychologists and sociologists that know which buttons to push in order to have the result they want. The same should be applied to them. The ones who try to control others can be controlled. Specialists know exactly how to do it. This is destructive but to an evil cause. Unfortunately in a War we are not thinking of the enemies’ welfare but the exact opposite, their destruction. And we have a war against ultraglobalists, trying to stop them from establishing a Global Socialist Dictatorship.

Fear, terror, extreme anxiety, panic, hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, uselessness, desperation, emptiness, disorientation, doubt, uncertainty, resentment, alienation, humiliation, confusion, lack of motivation, demoralization, disillusionment, futility, etc can be instilled in their minds and souls. We shouldn’t feel any guilt because that is what they do to people. They do not have religion, values, philosophy to fulfill them and give them courage. Their philosophy and mentality are empty.  

The use a lot of infiltration, “Trojan Horse” and “Fifth Phalanx” techniques and the opponents should do the same. All these are very similar, it means pretty much the same thing, getting inside the enemies’ lines without the enemy knowing it. For those we want to look them up, Trojan Horse was described by Homer in Iliad and Fifth Falanx was mentioned in Spanish Civil War. Also wrong information (misinformation) should be given to them. All these methods are ancient.

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