Altglobalist motley alliance

Altglobalist motley alliance

Ultraglobalists like to call the previous system isolationism but it was not. There are basically four positions in globalization.

Isolationism - previous system - alternative globalization - ultraglobalization

Ultraglobalists agenda is specific. They want to make European, American, Asian, African Union and put these under a World Fascist regime. Alternative globalization is very diverse. It is not ultraglobalists’ agenda and it is not the previous system. It is everything in between. Some altglobalists are closer to the previous system while others are closer to ultraglobalism.

Ultraglobalists have a specific agenda not only on globalization but on other issues like economy, migration, environment. It is a whole package where you do not get to choose whatever you like. If ultraglobalists are not blocked from achieving their goals you will get the whole package.

Altglobalization does not try to impose an agenda on the world. It is based on the relative autonomy of countries. Altglobalization is trying to find ways of cooperation, coordination, communication, understanding, trasfers, exchanges but each county will be relatively autonomous. Therefore, citizens of each country will choose their own agenda and will not have ultraglobalists’ agenda imposed on them.

Ultraglobalization is about centralization, compliance, control, propaganda and strictness. Altglobalization is about decentralization, choice, freedom, dialogue and endless possibilities.

Altglobalists should make a global alliance because ultraglobalists are a global alliance. The only issue that matters is globalization. Altglobalization does not take a political position on other matters because the belief is that a country’s citizens should be able to choose. There will be communication, exchange of views, discussion, dialogue at a global level but in the end each country will choose its own agenda.

Some people agree with Biden, Macron, Trudeau in many issues. This is not important. With them you will get the whole ultraglobalization package that has damaged the lives of millions descent, hardworking, nice people. One only question needs to be answered. Do I want ultraglobalists’ whole package or do I want something else?

On the other hand, there may be some ultraglobalists that you disagree with. It does not matter if they are in another county. They can do whatever they want in their own country as long as they do not try to impose their agenda on you as the ultraglobalists do.

What if these people you do not agree with are in the same country? Both camps extend across all ideological spectrum. Ultraglobalists are strong it the middle and weak in the left and the right. Their beliefs are more coherent. Altglobalists are more evenly spread and are strong in the left and the right. There is more diversity in beliefs. They could make a common front against ultraglobalists, in the issue of globalization only and argue about other things within each country.

Ultraglobalists do have some minor differences but they are on the same agenda. The alternative globalization camp is very diverse with big differences. There are endless possibilities as we have explained. The time to determine alternative globalization is not now but when ultraglobalists are defeated. Otherwise we will have their agenda which is specific. 

An American may say; “I like Biden and I agree with him in many issues. I do not like Putin and Erdogan at all. I disagree with them. I can’t be in the same camp with them. I would rather be on the same camp with Biden, Trudeau and Macron. They are civilized and cultivated people”.

It does not go like this. You ally with people like Putin and Erdogan only in the issue of globalization and no other one. Americans and British fought on the same side with Russians and Chinese in World War II. Russians were already communists. Chinese were not communists yet but were in their way of becoming. It happened right after World War II. That was an even bigger difference than with today's Russia and Turkey. These are free market democracies with many question marks about freedoms.

Anglosaxons were Germanic tribes. Some Nazis were very cultivated people. Probably Americans and British would rather be one the same side with Germans in World War II. They could relate to them better compared to Russians and Chinese. They had to ally not with the people they like more and can relate better but with the ones that had similar goals. Their goal in World War II was to stop Hitler from conquering the World.

Today, altglobalists goal is to stop ultragloblaists from achieving their goals. As we have may time already said, they want to form European, American, African, Asian Union, put all these under a World fascist regime and impose their agenda on the World.

British and Americans did not become communists when they fought on the same side with Russia. Altglobalists in the West will not become like Putin and Erdogan if they are all in the same camp and fight against ultraglobalization. Battles and wars are won by building winning alliances. Sometimes these alliances are motley.