Anti-NWO keiretsus

Anti-NWO keiretsus

Ultraglobalists operate several business keiretsus that assist them in their goals. Keiretsus are a type of business organization common in Japan. A keiretsu is a group of related companies that share the same ownership. Keiretsus can be vertical or horizontal. In the vertical diversification, the company moves along the production or distribution sequence. In the horizontal integration, the firm moves to related sectors.

An example of vertical integration is when an auto manufacturer acquires an auto-parts manufacturer moving back in the production sequence or an auto distribution company moving forth in the distribution sequence. Further backwards integration would be acquiring a steel manufacturer. A horizontal integration would be when a car manufacturer becomes also a motorcycle manufacturer or a truck manufacturer. In Japan, a keiretsu would usually develop around a bank or financial services company.

In certain countries there may be legal problems regarding this type of business organization because of anti-trust legislation. In Japan, it is clear who the owners are and the keiretsu companies usually have the same name e.g. Mitsubishi Bank, Mitsubishi Trucks and Buses, Mitsubishi Autos, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries etc. In the case of ultraglobalists’ keiretsus, it is not always very easy to find the relationship between the companies. NWO has not one but many keiretsus under its control that operate like a giant keiretsu. Perhaps the ownership is not the same but they are very well coordinated. Their keiretsus serve several of their goals.

One is the creation of a pseudo-elite that will amass great wealth. Another is the control of mass media. A third might be rewarding their people. A fourth would be political parties' and politicians' financing. All their goals are interconnencted. Ultraglobalist politicians assist their keiretsus in every possible way. They pass favorable legislation, give them government contracts, assist them in litigation etc. Their financial institutions make lots of money by political situations created by their politicians that have a financial effect.

Anti-NWO forces have two alternatives, try to break NWO-keiretsus or do the same. Both can be tried but the first is much harder than the second. Ultraglobalists use labyrinthine routes that are often hard to track. The second alternative is much easier. Usually NWO-keiretsus are a small part of the industry they are in. An exemption may be mass media sector because control of mass media is one of their main goals.

So, in most sectors, NWO keiretsus are a small percentage of the sector activity measured by some way like total sales or total assets. Their competitors are in disadvantage because NWO keiretsus operate like a giant keiretsu, in coordination. This giant keiretsu, if we manage to add all financial data, is probably the biggest company in the world. Of course it is almost impossible to prove in court that separate companies constitute a keiretsu and separate keiretsus compose a giant keiretsu.

If anti-NWO fighters talk to some of their competitors, they will be very happy to form an anti-NWO keiretsu like alliance. It does not need to have the same ownership, as long as there is some type of coordination. They will be very surprised to find that some of their competitors are unaware of the situation just described with NWO keiretsus. Regarding whether the like this approach or not, anti-NOW forces will have to do what ever it takes to win, even things they do not like very much. We can win this World War!

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