Anti-NWO system

Anti-NWO system

A brief history of NOW is useful for informational reasons and it helps us understand it better. We need to focus on the present, where we stand right now. International matters and things generally evolve. Former allies become enemies and vice versa. Some of the visitors that read the material on this website may get excited.

They probably think that they had just found a way to advance professionally and make lots of money. NWO is creating a pseudo-elite that will amass enormous wealth and power. The pseudo-elite or patricians will rule over the plebeians or peasants. Also, they have built a system to serve their causes. The pseudo-elite is part of the system but the system is greater, it includes people in lower positions as well. So, some visitors are probably thinking; “Hey, I am going to get in NWO system and they will help me advance and make lots of money”. Unfortunately we have bad news for these people.

Not anyone can get in their system. You must be useful to them in some way. This is very vague and is determined by several factors. An employee in a supermarket is generally not useful to them, unless the supermarket is in an affluent area where many “famous” people shop. A politician or a journalist can be useful to them. But do not make any dreams of advancement through NWO system. It is more than full. It is like a restaurant where all the tables are reserved and there is a huge line outside waiting for some customers to leave.

Or like a company where all the positions are covered and also have packs (in the old days of hard copies) of resumes waiting if someone leaves. So, unless your father, your uncle or your boyfriend/girlfriend is a high level unltraglobalist, your chances are close to zero, if you want to get into their system. We do not say exactly zero, for those that are extremely lucky. But it would be like winning the Lotto.

You have to understand something. For some of you, all these that you read regarding NWO may be news. It was not entirely a secret, it was semi-secret. Not only ultraglobalists but other people that were and are well informed have known about all these, for several years or decades. That is why their system is full. All these may be news to you but it is nothing new to others.   

Do not get disappointed though! We have good news! There are plenty of positions in the anti-NWO system. It is like a new restaurant that has recently opened, so people do not know about it and there are tables available. Or like a new company that is hiring. We have even more good news. Anti-NWO system is more flexible in its’ needs, what kind of people are useful to them. Anti-NWO system is mostly an antisystem to the NOW system and it operates in different ways, taking advantage of the existing NWO system and trying to deactivate it.

The antisystem is supplemented by a system. So the anti-NWO system is anti-system + system and at this point the anti-system is larger. It will become clear with an example. When the enemy is attacking, anti-aircraft and anti-missile artillery is more useful. When the offense starts, aircraft and missiles will be more useful. It is like intelligence vs counter-intelligence. At this point NWO is attacking and anti-NWO forces are in defense. In order to win this World War, anti-NWO will have to get on offense.

In World War II, the Allied Forces were first in defense and Axis was on offence. Towards the end of the war, the roles changed. Allied Forces got on offence and won the war. Anti-NWO will need a system to win the war. Part of the anti-system will change roles and become system. In football, the same team is in defense and on offence. The role of the players changes. In defense, defensive players are more important and on offense, offensive players are more important.

Anti-NWO is not striving to create a pseudo-elite that will amass enormous wealth and power. Anti-NWO wants the elite to be real elite, those that are worth it to be in the top positions, and not because they are part of a conspiracy. Nevertheless, anti-NWO forces are enormously helpful to their own people and getting in the anti-NWO system can be not only extremely exiting but very rewarding as well.

Keep in mind that when NWO loses, all those top positions that they have occupied will be available for people that are worth these positions. Big rewards will come to anti-NWO fighters, long before their final victory. All these may sound vague. They will become very clear when you join the anti-NWO system. You will get a lot of information about these and many other things. Join anti-NWO system TODAY!  

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