From Crusades to EU

From Crusades to EU

Ultra-globalists’ opinions are formed based on some secret knowledge that changes completely one’s view of the world. There are others though that have the same knowledge and disagree with them. They prefer a mild, prudent, careful alternative globalization.

That secret knowledge can be traced to Ancient Egypt. Some researchers believe that Egyptians gained it from the Mesopotamians and that it existed since the beginning of civilization. Egyptian high priests, who were male and female, had that knowledge. According to one opinion, the secret knowledge is a privilege of high ranking priests in many religions. They keep it secret not only from common folks but religious people as well.  

Israelis gained that knowledge when they were in Egypt. After all, Moses was in Pharaoh’s court. Part of this knowledge is in esoteric Judaism. Some Greek philosophers and scientists visited Egypt and gained that knowledge. Then they transferred it to others in Greece and Greek Colonies.

The secret knowledge was exposed to Europeans during the Crusades. That was a period when Europeans were unified and the European Unification idea was born. The Crusades was a Western European endeavour and the same applies for the European Unification idea. Byzantines were Orthodox and so were Eastern Europeans because they were christened by Byzantines.

Apparently, Byzantines were in some Crusades on the side of Crusaders and in others against them. During 4th Crusade, Constantinople was conquered by the Crusaders. Crusades were supported and sometimes directed by the Pope. Byzantines had a different religious leader, the Patriarch. Holy Land was part of Eastern Roman and later Byzantine Empire before it was conquered by Muslims. Byzantines did not like the interference of Crusaders in what they considered their territory. In most Crusades, there was persecution of the Jews.

Both the secret knowledge and the European Unification idea, was kept in European Esoterism circles. That was mostly in Western Europe. Southeastern Europe was under Ottoman yoke and esoterism circles were not very active, if they existed. There was a lot of communication between these circles in various continental countries. With England communication was to a lesser degree because of transportation difficulties. When Europeans migrated to America, they brought with them the secret knowledge and formed their own esoterism circles in their new land.

Henri de Saint-Simon and Victor Hugo, both socialists and members of esoterism circles, had expressed views supporting United States of Europe. High ranking Nazis were members of esoterism circles like the Thule Society and Teutonic Order.

European Unification was very strong belief in esoterism circles before World War II. They extended it to World Unification. Crusaders’ ideas and rituals still existed many centuries later through esoterism circles. Slowly the opinion emerged that European Unification and Holly Land’s Liberation would be achieved through Hitler. The countries that would not voluntarily be part, would be conquered. One theory suggests that they were planning to ger rid of him, once he had finished the dirty job. Something probably went wrong there.

In most continental Europe this belief, in Hitler as a Unifier, was popular in esoterism circles. This was not true for countries like England, Greece, Poland, Serbia etch. In the end, those countries where that belief prevailed, became part of the Axis and the rest formed the Allies. In France they were almost evenly divided and that is why there was not much resistance. France fell from inside. At the beginning, World War II was only in Europe. Americans were minding their one business and would not interfere. After Pearl Harbor they were placed against the Axis. 

After World War II, European Unification Idea was still kept alive in esoterism circles. They found other means for achieving it. Francois Mitterrand, a prominent figure in EU, belonged to fascist organizations in his youth. It makes sense because if we forget the misleading straight line depiction of ideologies, fascism and socialism are very close. Several of Mitterrand’s projects have esoterism references. Things are never as they look

It is questionable how certain esoterism circles became very rich right after the Crusades. It is known that esoterism circles, far right (a type of socialism) and organized crime, intermingled around the two World Wars. Although esoterism circles and European or World Unification are closely related, not everyone who belongs to an esoterism circle agrees with ultra-globalists. The same is true for people who have gained the secret knowledge by other means and do not belong in any of these circles. Apparently many people have left esoterism circles because of that disagreement.