Things are never as they look

Thinks are never as they look

Nazism and fascism were very popular in the Interwar period. They are types of socialism, different than social democracy. It is in the name of Nazi Party, National Socialist German Workers' Party. Nazis considered Nazism a syncretic ideology that could not be placed in the left or the right. Mussolini placed fascism in the center. Depiction of ideologies on a straight line can be very misleading.

Mussolini was very actively involved in the socialist movement. Hitler’s paternal grandfather was Johan Hielder and his maternal grandmother was Johana Hielder, who were very close relatives. According to one theory, Hitler’s biological grandfather was Jewish. His grandmother worked as a maid in a Jewish family and their 19 year old son got her pregnant.

Hitler had a bohemian life style in his youth he as a painter. He lived in homeless centers and public dormitories. He was clearly an artistic type with great love for architecture and music. At that time, according to some historians, he was quite friendly to Jews.

In World War I, he received Iron Cross-First Class, a very rare decoration for his rank, after a recommendation of his Jewish superior. Some historians claim that those decorations were handed out not on bravery but connections. Hitler may not even have been in the frontline.

Kurt Eisner, a Jewish Communist, had established the short lived Bavarian Soviet Republic. Eisner was assassinated by a Thule member. Hitler was Eisner's supporter and followed his coffin wearing two armbands, one black of mourning and one red of the Socialist Revolution. Originally he infiltrated German’s Worker Party as an army intelligence agent. Eckart, a party founder, introduced him to the Thule society and he became member.

Wandervogel (Wandering bird) was a German Youth movement in the beginning of 20th century that emphasized love for Nature and German Nationalism. It is considered to have influenced both Nazis and the hippie movement. Bohemiansim was also an influence to beatniks and hippies.

There are plenty of indications that Hitler may have been bisexual and that there were many homosexuals in the Nazi Party and the SS. At the beginning the Nazis were tolerant to homosexuality. Esoterism circles have a lenient or even positive stance on homosexuality. Gipsy life style is somewhat similar to bohemian.

He turned against Esoterism circles, although he was a member of at least one, the Thule Society. He turned against homosexuals although he may have been one. He turned against gypsies although he cherished a similar life style in his youth.

In Esoterism circles, all ideologies are found. If we put far right under Socialism’s umbrella, which is the correct thing to do, then the prevailing ideology was socialism, until World War II. Jean-Jacques Rousseau is considered father of socialism and nationalism, a liberal nationalism, different than that of Nazis and fascists.

Stalin killed many of his comrades. Was Hitler’s behavior an intra-war in the same camp to gain power? Did he realize that some of his comrades were planning to get rid of him and turned against them? Did he simply change sides as some of today’s politicians do? Did he showed his real face at the end while he was hiding at the beginning? DO THE SAME CIRCLES SERVE US SIMILAR CONTENTS IN DIFFERENT PACKAGING, ACCORDING TO TIME AND PLACE?

How exactly things are is not certain. We are trying to approach the truth. We hope to come close to it. One thing is absolutely certain. THINGS ARE NEVER AS THEY LOOK. EU fanatics have many similarities with Nazis and fascists. The nations have been replaced with United States of Europe. EU is underneath a fascist regime that has some differences in positions with fascists.It is obvious that ultra-globalists strive for autocratic socialism. It is very similar to fascism.

Most elements are socialist, or left. We have small income and wealth differences around the world for the vast majority, the class of slave-like peasant workers. There will be absolutely no religion, race, color or ethnic differences since it will be only one religion, one race, one color and one World Government. At the same time there will be a class of super-rich Lords that will govern in an authoritarian way. That may be hidden at the beginning or for a very long time. It is possible that like Hitler and Mussolini they will switch to open dictatorship. Before they became dictators, they were both elected. Once they sized power, they switched to dictatorship.