What ultraglobalists want

What ultraglobalists want

Ultra-globalists want one government, one currency, one religion, one race, one colour, one culture, no borders, no duties. They want to restore the conditions in Ancient Egypt. Some of the ultra-globalists believe that they are descendants of King Ra who was not King of people but King of Gods.

There will be two classes. The first class will be filthy rich, god-like, ultra-globalist Lords. This class will be from 1% up to 10%. They will control politics, media, money, crime. The other class will be the class of slave-like worker-peasants. In that class there will be people with higher education. Between the two classes, income and wealth differences will be huge. Within the two classes, there will be subclasses with small income and wealth differences.

First they want to complete European Union. That is why completion of European Union is so extremely important to them. If this fails, there will be no continuation with other continents. They will use European Union as a model to make American, African and Asian Union and put all these under the World Government that they will control. They will do whatever suits them right.

In European Union there will not only be Europeans but people from all over the world. The same will be true for all other Unions. So they need to move huge amounts of people around the world and they do not care if young children drown or die in some other way, trying to cross illegally some borders.

There will be a lot of interracial marriages and after very many decades or a few centuries, all people in the world will have the same color, the color of mud, similar to that of ancient Egyptians. The income level will be the same around the world, so it will drop drastically in advanced nations and rise to a lesser extend in developing and less developed world.

As we can see there are elements from the left and the right. This is the common ground ultra-globalists have found. You may find some elements of ultraglobalists’ vision appealing. There are many problems. First you can not choose some of them but you will have to take the whole package, if you let them have it their own way.

Ultra-globalists, like fascists, do not give a choise but impose their views on people with various devious ways. You may be able to choose the elements you like in an alternative globalization. For instance, you may like that there will be small income and wealth differences in the big class of slave-like worker-peasants. It’s size will be from 90% to 99%. There will be though a difference of astronomical proportions with the class of the Ultraglobalist Lords.  

Another problem is the ways the will use to achieve their goals. They will do what ever it takes. They look at the big picture. It is not only where you want to go but also how you go there. For many decades they will make a big mess around the world. If we have several lives, that’s OK. But most likely we only live once and ultraglobalists want to realize their goals in our life time.

They will collaborate with criminals, make wars, create and support terrorist organizations, move around the globe huge amounts of people, cause big unemployment in advanced nations, destroy the lives of nice people, etch. They are extremely selfish monsters. They know very well that they are destroying the lives of very many nice people but do not care because they are doing great in their own lives.

Some one may claim; “What is wrong wiht having a vision and try to make it happen?” This is what politics is all about. There is nothing wrong to describe their vision and try to get supporters that will vote for them. Ultra-globalists are dishonest. They do not say openly their goals because they know that not only they will not ger much suppor but there will be a big reaction as well. They are doing it in a sneaky way. They do not say what they are trying to achieve and they do each step slowly. Even participants of ultra-globalization do not know the final destination. They do not play fair. They play dirty and use devious ways.