Terms of compromise

Terms of compromise

In order to start even discussing a compromise with ultraglogalists, opponents must have in mind what they want. Before they start talking with ultraglobalists, anti-NWO forces must do some thinking and some talking among them. The first term of a compromise should be an alternative globalization, other than what NWO plan anticipates. A few different scenarios must be ready.

A trichotomy of Europe is not necessary to happen but European Union can no longer continue as planned by ultraglobalists. It is the first step of an evil plan. So, it is either breaking it down into parts or dissolving it entirely. The parts could be two, three, four or more. Three parts seems to be more reasonable but it could be more or less, which is only two because one is out of the question. Those parts could form some types of Unions (could be defensive groups) where countries from other continents can be added. It is important to have decentralization in the groups and countries’ independence.

In the case of a trichotomy, in the part with Germany and France, they can do whatever they want. So they can try only in their part of the continent the original NWO plans and most likely they will fail. The other parts (two or more) will quickly solve their problems, by pass them, advance and prosper. The NWO model will prove to be faulty, compared to other Union models with much looser relations. We give them very few chances to succeed, like one in a million.

Nevertheless, If that happens, something almost impossible, it can serve as an example. That is why we support a trichotomy. NWO plan has its origins in European Utopian Socialism and mostly in Germany and France. It does not have to be entirely abandoned. They can try their crazy, utopian, socialist ideas with other countries where crazy, utopian, socialist thinking predominates.

The term utopian literally means no place, u means no in Greek and topos means place. So literally it means something that does not exist but it has acquired the notion of something unapplicable or unrealistic. These demons caused a World War in the first half of 1940’s and are making a big mess all over the world for something that can not be done in real life and exists only in theory.

Nevertheless, let them play and destroy their countries but they can not destroy all Europe and the whole World like the did in World War II. We bet that they will fall behind but there should be something to compare with, the two other parts or Europe which will not apply crazy, utopian, socialist ideas, even if they are just defensive groups.

Another term of compromise should be that socialists should be socialists. Socialist centers of power should not be allowed to create hybrid socialist political parties, present them like center-right or right and deceive citizens that utopian socialist ideas like European Union belong in center – right or right ideology. Socialists should be socialists and play by the rules.

Ultraglobalists have created a pseudo – elite, an elite that has risen to top positions, not due to effort and skills but membership in the cabal. A large part of this elite, at least half would have to be replaced by an anti – NWO real elite. Leaving NWO pseudo – elite intact is not only unfair but extremely dangerous. They will maintain power and prepare to continue the NWO plan, whenever they find the opportunity.

Replacing at least half of the pseudo - elite will be a defensive mechanism to prevent them from doing it. Something similar to that is control of traditional mass media. The same reasoning applies. At least half of mass media will have to be controlled by anti – NWO. Letting ultraglobalists control all media is not only unfair but extremely dangerous for reasons already explained.

Ultraglobalists should accept these terms, if they think it carefully, given that their alternative is extinction. It may not come very soon but it will come for sure, sometime in the future. What was not done in World War II, should be done now, if ultraglobalists do not compromise. If the socialist centers of power behind the Nazis, were exterminated entirely after the War, they wouldn’t have created a huge mess in our time.

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