Trichotomy is multi-compromise

Trichotomy is multi-compromise

A trichotomy (partition to three parts) of EU and Europe is not certain but seems the best solution. No one will be very satisfied but all will be somewhat satisfied. It is a multilevel compromise since It is a compromise between; a) France-Germany, USA-UK, Russia b) NWO and anti-NWO c) right and left d) West and East. The first is the most obvious.

A trichotomy is a combination of Yalta Agreement and NWO plan. NWO plan has created many problems. It puts Russia in Asian Union because their larger area is Siberia which was not always part of Russia. Annexation of Siberia occurred in 16th, 17th and 18th century. NWO plan separates Russia from former allies in Eastern Europe. Eastern bloc could have remained as a non-communist group (or Union) after the fall of communism in late 80’s early 90’s.

In addition, Russia has racial, cultural and religious ties with Eastern Europe. Most Eastern Europeans are Slavs and in Southeastern part of Europe, Orthodox Christianity is the religious. Russian alphabet is very similar to Greek alphabet. Russia has long history in European affairs and considerable contribution to European sciences, arts and letters.

Although France – Germany and USA – UK are all part of the West, there is an internal, somewhat hidden, conflict. France and Germany considered UK to be too close to USA which is true and could be attributed to the close World War II cooperation. West Germany had a close relationship with USA but it was of a different kind, similar to that of Russia (Soviet Union) with East Germany. Germans did not like that relationship but they were the ones that started World War II. France and Germany wanted to keep USA (and Russia) out of European affairs although they were trying not to make it obvious.

UK did not want to lessen the close relations with USA. So there were two sides within West, USA – UK and France – Germany. There was not only a rivalry between West and Russia that derived from Cold War but an internal rivalry within Western camp. The thing is that USA – UK and Russia liberated Europe in World War II. Germany enslaved Europe and France was divided and did not participate much or at all in World War II. The ones that enslaved Europe or did nothing to liberate the Continent, are the ones that want to control the Continent. This is outrageous!

A trichotomy is also a compromise between NWO and anti – NOW. Ultraglobalists (NWO) have an almost psychotic obsession with multilateral relations (groups). They can have groups but at least two new super models for groups will be created, different than NWO – EU model. Countries have more autonomy and keep their sovereignty.

The NWO – AntiNWO rivalry goes also into left – right rivalry although as it has been explained, it is not clearly a left vs right thing. NWO is stronger on the left of the center and anti-NWO is stronger on the right of the center. Specifically, it seems that NWO is majority in center-left and center while anti-NWO is majority in center-right, right and left.

A trichotomy is a compromise between West and East. There are different meanings of West-East. In Cold War, West was Western Europe and North America while East was Eastern Europe (including Russia and all Soviet Union) with China and other communist Asian countries. According to another meaning West is Europe - North America and East is Asia. Oceania is usually added to the West. Culturally it is West but geographically East.

NWO plan foresees no role for Russia in Europe. If Russia’s role in Europe increases, it may leave more space for China in Asia to have a greater role. China was on the Allies side in World War II. Indirectly, a trichotomy of Europe-EU should serve China’s interests as well. A trichotomy of EU and Europe provides at least a fourth pole, China, as it has been explained. There will be at least four groups with a) USA – UK b) France – Germany c) Russia d) China. 

What is interesting is that partitioning of Europe-EU may be also popular in countries that will be left to compose a much smaller, shrunk European Union that will have a different name. Perhaps this is not popular among politicians who want to control a larger area but what citizens want. We are not aware of any polls but our perception is that the majority of citizens in those 9-15 countries which will constitute a new shrunk EU (with a different name) do prefer a smaller more homogeneous Union.

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