Winning strategy

Winning Strategy

As we have explained, we call NWO ultraglobalization to differentiate it from a nice and easy mild globalization. Republican anti-NWO keep talking about their great nation and expressing their views. Some of them have not realized that if ultraglobalists win this, there won’t be their great nation anymore and as a matter of fact there won’t be any nation at all.

Instead there will be American, Asian, African, European Union under a Global Dictatorship. They won’t be able to have any views. Not only ultraglobalist pseudo-elite will ostracize them, if they express views different than theirs but the rest of the society as well. People will be brainwashed so much that will consider a “nut case” anyone having views different from ultraglobalists’ and will put them in a “nut house”.

It is not bad to talk about their great nation and expressing their views but winning is above all. In order to win, a winning strategy is required. Republicans used to be fond of business, army and sports. In all of these winning and strategy are very important. I am sure that there are some great strategists among them. A winning strategy requires a winning position which depends on many factors, time, place (country), number of parties etc.

Reagan was not a centrist although a Democrat in his young age. He won one of the biggest victories in the history of the US. But if in another instance, incorporating elements from the left is required to get a winning position, it should not be a problem since the other side is doing it. In Third Way, a center-left core is combined with some elements from the right.

People like winners, not whiners. Complaining about NWO is not enough. A winning perspective is required. If people do not see that, they turn their back on you, even if they agree more with you than the other side. In order to have a visible winning perspective, an invisible to the public winning strategy is required with a winning position and a winning alliance.

The alliances are inside and outside the country and these are closely related. The alliances with social (not socialist) groups that share same values and goals can work inside the country and outside the country. Secure borders, reduced crime, family, financial security through availability of well paying jobs, opportunities for advancement through economic growth, lesser government intervention, free speech are some of the values and beliefs.

The most important common goal is opposition to NWO which is related to all the others because NWO policies are against most of these values and beliefs. Winning the war against ultraglobalists is a SURE THING if the right approach is used and no mistakes are done. Most people all over the World are against NWO plan. It is mostly a pseudo-elite that supports it and applies it.

Ultraglobalists are a global cabal. Every time there is an election somewhere in the world, they pool their resources to elect their own. If the opponents do not do the same think, it will be very hard to win elections in the future, no matter how strong a nation is. No nation in the world can defeat a vicious global cabal. Only a rival international cabal can do it.

This is in order to preserve independence, having and expressing an opinion, minding your life the way you like without a pseudo-elite imposing on you what to do and what to believe in. Some (not all) Republican antiultraglobalists need to have a more global perspective and develop international as well as national alliances. Whoever is against ultraglobalists is a potential ally, regardless of ideological or other factors. A mutli-level strategy is required.

The “good” think is that ultraglobalists have ruined with their policies the lives of many descent, hardworking people around the world and have many enemies. We will take an example of a strategic mistake, made by antiultraglobalists, which is not the only one. Whenever a supposedly anti-NWO person supports Ukraine there are three possibilities about him or her; a) is not really anti-NWO but pretends to be b) is misinformed c) makes a huge strategic mistake.

The situation in Ukraine has developed because of NWO plans. In post World War II era, half of Europe, the Eastern part countries, were allies with Russia. The NWO plan puts Russia in Asian Union while putting all of its’ former allies in European Union, essentially cutting off Russia from most former allies. This is why Russia is against NWO plan.

Now, if someone is anti-NWO and supports Ukraine, it is like shooting his/her foot. By supporting Ukraine, someone supports NWO plan. It is like if the British and the Americans were fighting against Hitler in Western Europe and at the same time, fighting against Stalin in Eastern Europe, who was fighting against Hitler.

That would have been a huge strategic mistake. We are not in Cold War era anymore but in NWO era. On the other hand, some of the NATO “allies” are big time NWO supporters. We do not mean the people but the governments. We understand that it could be hard for some anti-NWO Americans or British to be supportive of Russia but at least they could be less supportive of Ukraine because by doing so, they support NWO plan.

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