Anti-NWO plan

Anti-NWO plan


According to the defective NWO (New World Order) plan, there will be three more continental Unions, in addition to European Union which is the experiment. Based on the results of the experiment, a model for group organization will be derived and then applied to the three other continental Unions ; American, Asian, African. The four continental Unions will be under a Global Government, controlled by NWO.

There are many problems with the catastrophic NWO plan. It divides certain relatively homogeneous areas like Eastern Europe and Arab countries. Russia and Belarus are placed in Asian Union while the rest of Eastern European countries in European Union. Russia has strong historical, racial, cultural, political, religious ties with many Eastern European countries.

Some Arab countries are in Northern Africa and the rest in Southwestern Asia. NWO plan divides the Arab World into two parts, African and Asian and positions these two parts into two different continental Unions, African Union and Asian Union. Also Canada - USA is a homogeneous area and much different than the rest of the American continent.

Another problem is the huge population difference between the four continental Unions. European Union will be 600 - 650 million people while Asian Union over 4,5 billion. American Union will be at around 1 billion and African Union at 1,2 - 1,4 billion. Also different areas of the world have much different conditions and the same model of group organization is not applicable every where.

Anti - NWO suggests a different plan for globalization as a compromise solution. Ten relatively homogeneous groups and approximately equal in size in terms of population will be created. Every group will have approximately 500 million people. The groups with the estimated population in millions will be;

1) Northern America 490 2) Southern and Central America or Latin group 490 3) Western Europe 420 4) Eastern Europe 430 5) Arabic countries 470 6) Northern Sub-Saharan Africa 500 7) Southern Sub - Saharan Africa 500 8) Iran - Afganistan - Pakistan and Caspian countries 430 9) Northeastern Asia 500 10) Southeastern Asia 500.

Two countries are excluded, China with a population of 1,45 billion and India with 1,42 billion. They are very far from the rest, in terms of population. The third, USA has a population of 330 million. Each country is equal to three groups. So we have 10 + 2 = 12 groups. Instead of a Global Government, there will be a 10 + 2 = 12 Council which will not be a global government but a global coordination body.

The groups will develop relations among them according to their interests. So, it is possible for Northern American and Southern - Central American groups to develop so close relations that it will be almost as one group. Similarly, very close relations may evolve between Western and Eastern European groups, so that it will be like one group.

This is possible but not necessary, nor provided by the Anti - NWO compromise solution. Groups will be let to act according to their interests. They will develop close relations with the groups that best fit their interests. There is also the possibility of four group coalitions. This brings the Anti - NWO solution closer to the four continental Unions foreseen by the disastrous NWO plan.

There are similarities but also differences in the two plans. In Anti - NWO plan, each group coalition will have approximately 2 billion people. The four coalitions will be; 1) China + 1 group 2) India + 1 group 3) 4 groups 4) 4 groups. First the groups should be created. Then the groups will develop relations according to their interests. Based on these relations, the coalitions could be created, in the future.

If the coalitions are created, the 10 + 2 = 12 groups Council will remain but there will be four formal or informal teams of representatives, according to the coalitions. The most important thing at the present time is to form the groups. The relations between the groups, the 10 + 2 = 12 Council and the group coalitions will follow. So, currently, the focus should be on the creation of the groups.

The good news is that most groups are ready or almost ready. Group 1 is USA - Canada - Mexico and is ready because of USMCA (US Mexico Canada Agreement). This was previously NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) that was changed by Trump Administration. There is some lack of homogeneity between USA - Canada and Mexico but it is a lot more manageable, compared to the American Union of the NWO plan. USA-Canada have to deal with only one country, Mexico.

Plus the group is ready, one of two that are ready. If they want, they can develop closer relations within the group, or they can leave them as are. The second group (Southern and Central America) is almost ready. There are three groups in the area, MERCOSUR, Andean Community, PARLACEN. The largest is MERCOSUR. These three together form group 2. They need to come to some type of understanding.

In Sub - Saharan Africa there are four groups, ECOWAS, ICAD, CEMAC, SADC. Two of them can form one group and the other two the second group. Again they need to come to some type of understanding. Instead of Northern and Southern Sub - Saharan group, it could be Eastern and Western. Now we come to the other group that is ready and much older than group 1.

Arab League exists since 1945 and it is group 5. The reason that it has not developed any further is because it is contrary to the NWO catastrophic plan, which places some Arab countries in African Union and the rest in Asian Union. It is obvious that Israel can not be part of that group. It will be very uncomfortable for both sides, Arabs and Israelis. So, Israel is positioned in Eastern European group.

Thirteen Eastern European countries will spin - off in European Union. Although almost half of the EU countries will spin off, in terms of population, it is less than one fourth because most of the countries are small. When the Eastern European countries spin off, group 3 will be ready. Later United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland will be added to Western European Union (Community or Commonwealth) and the two groups will have approximately equal populations, 420-430 million.

Similar procedure can be applied in Eastern Asia, some countries will spin off, in ASEAN. The two ASEAN parts will merge with other countries that are not ASEAN members and form groups 9 and 10. There is a very detailed plan for Eastern European group. In it, a much different model for group organization is suggested than the one for European Union. The groups will develop their own models for group organization and can look in the EU faulty model or the much better EEC (Eastern European Commonwealth) model for ideas.

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