Two Europes

Two Europes


NWO and EU desperately try to support their disastrous grouping. Their propaganda mentions the European family very often. Well, there is no European family and there is no Europe. It will become obvious that there are only Western Europe and Eastern Europe but no Europe. What is Europe? How do we define Europe?

Most people will say that Europe is a continent. Europe is NOT a CONTINENT. Eurasia is the continent. Since ancient times, the western part of the continent has been called Europe and the eastern part Asia. It is not clear where the conventional borders are. There are different opinions. The most acceptable borders are Uralia, Caucasus and Aegean sea.

Europe is where the white race lives. No, the white race lives also in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Arabs, Israelis, Iranians, Indians are Indo -Europeans as well. Central and Southern Americans are mostly Iberians (Spanish - Portuguese) mixed with the indigenous people, American Indians. Europe is where white people came from. No, white race originated from Caucasus and that is why they are also called Caucasians.

Europe is where Christianity is the main religion. No, Christianity is also the main religion in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Central and Southern America. What defines Europe are historical, racial and cultural ties. Europe has a common course through the centuries. No, this is not true. We will examine them and it will become obvious that there is Western Europe and Eastern Europe but no Europe.

From the 4th century AD till the 15th, Byzantine Empire (Byzantium) existed. For most of this time, Byzantium was very powerful, economically and technologically advanced. For centuries, Byzantium had very close economic, political and cultural relations with Kievan Rus. In 15th century AD, Byzantine Empire was replaced by Ottoman Empire. What was Byzantine, became Ottoman.

Byzantium's area changed throughout the centuries. An area that remained in Byzantium for almost all of the more than a thousand years, was Balkans and Turkey. Today's inhabitants in Balkan countries and Turkey come from Byzantine Empire's inhabitants. Likewise, today's inhabitants in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine come from Kievan Rus. Their state spread in these three countries.

There is racial mixture in Western and Eastern Europe but in each region different tribes mix. In Western Europe there is a mixture of Roman, Celtic and Germanic tribes. In Eastern Europe there is a mixture of Slavic, Hellenic (Greek) or related and Altaic. The latter is a borrowed term. There are Altaic languages. Altaic tribes are defined as those Asian tribes that spoke Altaic languages. Finns, Hungarians, Turks, Bulgarians came from the steppes in Asia that are located eastern of Uralia and northern of Caucasus.

Today's racial mix in these countries is very different. Slavic genes are present in all Eastern Europe. The percentage becomes lower as we move from north to south. The percentage of Slavic genes according to Eupedia is from higher to lower; Belarus, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Esthonia, Hungary, Austria, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Finland. Israelis may have some Slavic genes since most of them came from Eastern Europe.

All Eastern European countries were in the communist block. The exception was Greece (and Turkey that is not clearly Eastern European) because Britain was and is a naval power. Greece has a very extensive seashore. In the «percentages agreement» or «napkin agreement», Churchill chose Greece as the only Eastern European country under British influence. He let Stalin have the rest of Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is not communist anymore and Greece is clearly located in Eastern Europe.

If we look at per capita income (ppp), in Eastern Europe there is a range 15 - 45 K and in Western Europe a range 35 - 65 K (World Bank, 2021). Exceptions are Ireland and Luxemburg, which are far from the rest Western European countries. In terms of per capita income as well, there are two Europes. Eastern Europe has to form a separate group in order to reach the economic level of Western Europe in twenty five to thirty years.

What is the conclusion from all this? There is no European family and there is no Europe. There are two separate, distinctive Europes, Western and Eastern. The European family narrative is only a fake NWO - EU propaganda because it fits NWO plans. The anti - NWO grouping is based on historical, geographical, biological and generally scientific facts, while NWO's grouping on falsification.

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